enmore halter dress + top tester round-up

The brand new Enmore Halter Dress + Top pattern is perfect for those warm summer days just around the corner, and we’re so excited to show you the beautiful versions that our testers sewed for themselves! They did a beautiful job.

Lesley’s Enmore Top:

Suzanne’s Enmore Top:

Shelley’s Enmore Top:

Maria’s Enmore Dress:

Jeanne’s Enmore Dress:

Will you sew Enmore? Don’t forget to tag us @lieslandco and #enmoredress when you do!



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  1. M-C

    You know this isn’t a halter dress, right? The defining characteristic of a halter is that the front straps meet behind the neck. This is at best a spaghetti strap dress. It’s not helpful when pattern companies contribute to confusing beginners with wrong terminology

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