geneva v-neck blouse tester round-up

We’re pretty excited about the new Geneva V-Neck Blouse pattern. This versatile pattern can be made casual or dressy, depending on the fabric you choose. We hope this tester round-up gets your inspiration motor revving.

Jeanne’s Geneva

Melani’s Geneva

Shelley’s Geneva

Steph’s Geneva

Erica’s Geneva:

Tester versions of our new Geneva Blouse pattern.

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  1. Cindy Cooksey

    I loved seeing all the Geneva blouses you made. Melani’s plaid blouse is a standout. But they are all great! Fun to see in solid colors and different prints too. My Geneva blouse pattern arrived in the mail today! I want to try it, although I am busy with a quilting project. Maybe I can set the quilt aside for a few days.

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