the fitting room: jennifer’s easton cowl-neck tee

Jennifer is here from the Advisors Circle to talk about her experience fitting the Easton Cowl-Neck Tee in the latest installment of The Fitting Room

For the last few years, I have been trying to explore the world of knits. Although I still consider myself fairly new to sewing knit garments, I have loved learning through Liesl’s patterns. That is why I was so excited to try the Easton Cowl-Neck Tee.

T-shirt fitting tips for a cowl-neck tee.

First, I took my measurements to find my size for this pattern, just in case anything had changed. My measurements were as follows:

Bust: 36 1/2”
Waist: 30”
Hips: 37”

I usually wear a small in Liesl + Co. patterns. But when I saw that the size chart put the size small at a 35 1/2″ bust, I chose to start by making a medium with no alterations. (This was a mistake; keep reading to learn why.) I also knew I would be using the A/B cup version of the pattern.

I used a midweight stretch blend knit that had some spandex in it. Although it was a midweight fabric, it had a nice drape to it. As you can tell in the photos, the shirt fit, but it had far more ease than I expected. There was extra room under the arms and sides, the shoulders were a bit wide, and the hem was lower than I would like.

T-shirt fitting tips for a cowl-neck tee.

What I missed from my initial review of the measurements was that the bust measurement is for the upper bust. This is a critical detail. [Note: If you need more details related to the difference between bust and high/upper bust measurements, this post has great information.] So, my 35″ high bust actually puts me at a size small, as does my hip measurement, although my waist is still a medium.

So for the second version, I made a size small with no modifications, this time in a jersey knit that I had in my fabric stash. This was a lighter weight fabric but not quite as drapey. I wanted to test and see whether the amount of ease in the waist was sufficient. The fit was fairly good, but I thought I could improve it a bit.

T-shirt fitting tips for a cowl-neck tee.

For the final version, I wanted to shorten the tee by 1”. I slashed and overlapped the pattern by that amount at the shorten line at the waist. I also wanted a little more ease, so I added 1/4” to the waist, tapering to nothing under the arm and at the hips on both the back and front pattern pieces. This gave an extra inch through the waist.

T-shirt fitting tips for a cowl-neck tee.

This one was made from a midweight cotton jersey and I’m happy with the results.

T-shirt fitting tips for a cowl-neck tee.

In the future versions, I’ll likely keep the 1/4” ease from the waist all the way to the hem and use a fabric that has a touch of spandex, as that seemed to work the best. Given how quick the tee is to stitch up, I see more in my future!


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  1. Erica

    It is great to see how all these modifications alter the fit. Thanks so much for sharing your versions and process with us!

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