sew + tell: lyndsey’s b6423 coat

Lyndsey is here from the Advisors Circle to show off her snuggly Lisette B6423 coat. Her fabric choices are classic and sophisticated, for a coat that will wear well for many seasons to come. 

Name: Lyndsey
Country: Louisville, KY, USA
Where can we find you on the Internet? Instagram

Project Details
Pattern used: Lisette B6423 coat for Butterick
Fabric used: Tweed 100% wool coating from Britex Textiles and a silk charmeuse print from Fabrics & Fabrics.

Lyndsey shares her b6423 DIY handmade coat.

Did the fabric work well?
This fabric for this project was so good! Wool is my favorite fabric to sew, and I knew I wanted a light-colored neutral fabric for the shell. I ordered swatches from several online fabric stores, but as soon as I saw this tweed wool coating from Britex fabrics, I knew it was the one.

I was very indecisive on the lining. I ordered a nice rayon Bemberg lining to match the wool, but when it arrived it did not excite me. I wanted a lining that made my heart full every single time I wore the coat.

Lyndsey shares her b6423 DIY handmade coat.

I kept looking and finally found a silk charmeuse with French love letters printed on the matte-side. Since the silk is printed on the matte side, the black is nice and deep. I hadn’t sewn with silk charmeuse before, but it wasn’t as tricky as I thought it would be. I get a thrill every time I peek at the lining on the inside of this coat.

Make your own DIY handmade coat with Lisette B6423.

How did the sewing go?
Sewing the project was quick and trouble-free. I have sewn several wool coats, so I knew what to expect when working with wool. My least favorite sewing activity is pre-shrinking wool, but it has to be done so that you can press properly during construction. Having the right pressing tools (a clapper, tailors ham, and seam roll) really helps to press nice looking seams.

Make your own DIY handmade coat with Lisette B6423.

I sewed a couple of muslins before cutting into my fashion fabric. Liesl had said in her post about her version of B6423 that she chose her size based on her hip measurement because that is where the coat is the narrowest. My measurements had me at a large at the bust and an extra large at the hips. I sewed a large muslin first, and I was glad I did because it was definitely too narrow at the hips. I sewed a second muslin in the extra large size, and it fit much better. This style of coat is supposed to be roomy, so I didn’t make any fit adjustments other than shortening the sleeve length to fit my arms.

Make your own DIY handmade coat with Lisette B6423.

What was the best part?
The pockets are the best part! I will never get over how pretty this seam-into-pockets design detail looks. It is very similar to the look and construction of the pockets on the Cappuccino Dress.

Sew your own DIY handmade coat with Lisette B6423.

I’m also really in love with my fabric choices on this coat. I was glad I took the time to order swatches and get it right. The style lines of this coat and the neutral fabric will mean that I can wear it for a very long time.


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  1. I love the coat, Lyndsey! It looks great on you and I love the style and the fabric you chose for it, especially the wool. Well done!

    1. Lyndsey

      Thanks Asmita! It is my favorite item I’ve ever sewn for myself!

  2. Erica

    Lyndsey, this looks so good. I am imagining that the silk lining must be wonderful to slip into. I’ve been eyeing that pattern, too. The style looks so versatile!

    1. Lyndsey

      Thanks, Erica! I lining feels amazing!

  3. Cindy Cooksey

    Luscious fabric, great-fitting coat!

    1. Lyndsey

      Thank you!

  4. Fiona

    Wonderful work, and extremely stylish. I admire your patience and persistence in acquiring the fabrics that pleased you most.

    1. Lyndsey

      Thank you! I’m not always that disciplined when it comes to fabric, but I wanted to make something I would want to wear for a long time. It’s so hard to wait in the swatches!

  5. Beth Terborg

    I love the way the coat looks on you and the way you planned this project so it would be special for you. It looks like a pattern that i will think about using in the future. I have a heathered gray wool that would be lovely. I like the special lining you used and if I make the coat I will look for something special like your lining.

    1. Lyndsey

      Good luck!

  6. Marlin

    Lyndsey, your coat is a work of art. I love the fabrics chosen. The stylish pattern looks great on you! You’ll love wearing it.

    1. Lyndsey

      Ah! Thanks so much!

  7. What a fabulous coat. I can tell from your previous blog posts that you plan carefully. I am thinking of all the versions of the knit shirts you made to decide the amount of ease and choose the one you would make up – the Bento! This is just so lovely, form the fabric to the sewing and pressing, to the beautiful lining. Hats off!!!

    1. Lyndsey

      Thanks so much Nirmala!

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