yanaka jacket tester round-up

Sewn in a cuddly fleece, or glammed up in a glittering brocade, the Yanaka Jacket is a pattern that lets the fabric take center stage.

We wanted to give you a chance to see it made up in a variety of substrates to get your imaginations going. Our testers made some stunning jackets from this pattern. Their versions run the gamut from casual chic to high glamour, proving that the Yanaka Jacket is one pattern that you can really dress up or down.

Alice’s Yanaka Jacket:

DIY cropped jacket sewing pattern.

Natasha’s Yanakas:

DIY cropped jackets from Liesl + Co.

Laura’s Yanaka Jacket:

DIY cropped jacket sewing pattern.

Robin’s Yanaka Jacket:

DIY cropped jacket sewing pattern.

Katy’s (left) and Rhythm’s (right) Yanakas:

DIY cropped jacket sewing pattern.

We’re so appreciative of our testers’ time and skills, and hope this round-up has given you an idea of the many possibilities for this pattern.

You can order the Yanaka Jacket in paper or digital format. We can’t wait to see what you sew. And don’t forget to share and tag #yanakajacket and #lieslandco when you do!




  1. Karina Buck

    Has anyone tried lengthening this pattern?

    1. Yes, I lengthened mine. It wasn’t hard to do. I added about 2 inches of length in both the bodice pieces and the sleeve gusset (gusset runs the full length of the sleeve and then bodice).

  2. Susan Terrill

    I loved seeing all of the Yanaka Jackets. They had such different personalities. All were spectacular, which makes me want to jump in with many ideas. However, I just volunteered to make masks for special needs kids. So I will think up ideas. Thank you. Susan

  3. Ramona Hamilton

    Would love to know what fabric Laura used. Beautiful jacket!

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