sewing small talk: what pattern would you sew over and over again?

Hello friends!

Well, we’ve been a week in quarantine now. The days are starting to blend together, I must admit (I forgot it was Friday!), but we’re both doing well. I’m still doing my training in the kitchen every morning (new muscles! and my knee is feeling better, too!), and I’ve been getting a little personal sewing done during my down time. Maybe one of these days I’ll even tackle my pile of unfinished objects.

So since many of us are staying indoors, and probably sewing as well, here is today’s question: if you could only sew one thing (over and over) for the rest of the year, what would it be?

What would you sew over and over again?

I seem to be on a Gelato Dress and a Classic Shirt kick. I’ve sewn them both many, many times, and I’m sewing more of them now. If I had to pick just one I’d pick the Classic Shirt because it’s so versatile and because shirts are such an important part of my daily uniform.

And you?

Stay strong, friends! It’s going to get worse before it gets better, but we can do this. I’m guessing many of us are going to get a LOT of sewing done in the next few weeks.




  1. Phyllis

    The patterns I’ve made, and will continue to make, over and over are 1) the classic shirt, and 2) the Chai tee. I like the shirt because it’s just challenging enough, and I like the Chai tee because it has just a touch of class but is still a tee shirt. Both are fun to make.

  2. Margaret

    I’ve just treated myself to the classic shirt pattern after reading excellent reviews. I really enjoy shirt patterns as you can break the construction down into manageable chunks…….and you learn so much!
    Can I thank you for your blog Liesl…’s a welcome bit of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy sky.

  3. Rebecca

    Tea Party Sun dress, Ice Cream dress, Pinwheel tunic & dress, and my absolute favorite Seashore dress. I have made all of these at least four times and the Seashore dress about twelve times. As the granddaughters get older, I hope you are making S more patterns for teens! Age 15-18 is such a hard age to find appropriate clothing that screams “I am a young woman and not a sex goddess / boy magnet”.

  4. Addie

    I did a few streaming ballet classes this week and it was so fun to take a live class, even though I am the only person in the room (my living room). If I were to be stuck inside for the whole year and sewing, I think I would sew tons of pajamas, ha! I love the Lisette for Butterick classic PJs. I have several of the pj bottoms, which also work for me as pants without the cuffs. I have sewn the Maritime Top as a pj top. I have also modified the Gallery dress, removed the collar and added a facing, to use as a nightshirt. I am also loving the Neighborhood sweatshirt top as a shirt in jersey fabric. Lots of options for comfortable stay-at-home clothes.

  5. Marge

    Classic shirt for me. Until I used this pattern my collar stand never came up to standard. The instructions on this pattern are so good.and I love wearing .

  6. Fabiola Depoorter

    I will try to make mouth masks for myself and my colleagues and some friends over and over again.
    Because we can use them even without a filter are we more protected than without a mask.
    Stay safe everybody and hope we don’t get the Corona virus.

    1. Patty

      I made a few for a couple friends, and also one for myself for when i step out to get groceries. I lined them with a thicker Interfacing I had on hand, it came out very nice and feels somewhat thick. I made it off of a pattern I found on Pinterest. I will not sell or make for other people, I’m afraid it is not a CDC approved mask, and in this day and age I somewhat worry about someone suing me over a face mask I did. I only made for my elder friends and said in No way are these masks made to be used as medical masks.

  7. Carol

    I am making your classic shirt pattern for the second time. It needed a few fitting tweaks but overall is going to be a tried and true one. I am very impressed with it.

  8. Karen

    I’ve sewn V7975 pattern at least a dozen times. It’s a classic jacket with princess seams which always make fitting easier. I’ve changed the sleeve and hem length as well as the neckline. Using different fabrics (prints, solids, stripes and plaids) give a totally different look. It is truly my favorite TNT! Thanks for your posts and stay well.

  9. Elisabeth

    I have made soooo many school bus t-shirts, and if you count the classic shirt/buttoned-up button down/all day shirt in one group of patterns, I’ve made a bunch of those, too! I have also used the building block dress over and over and will keep doing it for a very long time!

  10. Margo

    I think I would be happy making the classic shirt over and over again! I’ve got one in flannel cut out right now, and hope to make a few more this year as well. 🙂

  11. Liz

    I’ve got a big mending pile so I’m focusing on that these days but if I had to sew only one of your patterns, it would be the Everyday Skirt. I was wearing one yesterday! For my children it would be the Sunny Day shorts again and again.

  12. Heidi

    The Oliver and S Messenger bag!
    So much room for customisation and personalisation!

  13. Kim

    The Playtime Tunic. I have made it countless times for several granddaughters.

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