our testers’ photos of the camp shirt + dress pattern

Are you excited about our new Camp Shirt + Dress pattern? We certainly are! S wants me to sew one for her right away, which I take to be a good sign since she’s very picky about her clothes these days.

Many of you like to see our patterns in a variety of fabrics and on different bodies, so today I want to show you some of our testers’ photos.

It’s always helpful for me to see how our patterns fit as we’re testing, too. Our testers may make some standard alterations to the patterns to suit their needs, so they may do some blending between sizes or shifting a dart up or down. But for the most part, this is the pattern as it arrives. It’s fun to see how it looks on each person, isn’t it? Obviously your fabric choices are going to make a difference. For example, Jeanne chose this crisp hombre cotton for her dress while Beth chose a soft rayon challis for her blouse. You can see how differently they drape, right?

Jeanne and Beth

Julia chose cotton lawn and Sarah used chambray.

Julia and Sarah

Carrie chose this adorable rayon that I just love.

Carrie front and back

Kiran modeled her dress both belted and unbelted since it works both ways. It just depends on how you want to wear it! Also, if you want to sew a self sash for the dress, there are measurements and instructions in this blog post to help you.

Kiran belted and unbelted

I love Erica’s chambray, and I like that she chose the inverted box pleat instead of the gathers because it really looks crisp here.

Erica front and back

Didn’t Kelley’s tencel twill dress turn out cute? She decided to shorten it a bit, and I think it suits her beautifully.

Kelley front and back

Kiran also sewed the shirt, and it’s very cozy looking in this cotton lawn. Standing on the lawn, too. (Sorry.)

Kiran front and back

And I’ll leave you with one last photo of my friend Robin, who chose this amazing silk twill leopard print for her blouse and is wearing it with a kitty-eared headband to story time at her new job as a children’s librarian. Go, Robin! Those kids are going to love you.

Robin as kitty librarian

Aren’t our testers the best? They generously let me use these photos even though I don’t hire them for their photography skills, so I’m very appreciative.

Are you inspired? I hope so!

You can order the Camp Shirt + Dress pattern now in either paper or digital format. I hope you’ll have lots of fun sewing it. Tag us #campshirtdress and #lieslandco when you do, will you?




  1. Rebecca

    These all look great! Thank you for taking the time testers to offer up your photos of how this pattern looks. It really helps to bring the patterns come to life and be able to envision them on ourselves. Bravo!

  2. Barb

    Seeing these in different fabrics on different bodies is huge! Love these posts so much!

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