sew + tell: camelia’s neighborhood sweatshirts

Camelia is here today from the Advisors Circle. Earlier this year she stopped by to share her Terrace Dresses. Now she’s here with her latest make, and she is going to give you the scoop.

Liesl + Co. Neighborhood Sweatshirt

Name: Camelia
Where can we find you on the internet? Blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr

Pattern used: Liesl + Co. Neighborhood Sweatshirt + Hoodie
Project details: I loved the details on the Neighborhood Sweatshirt pattern so it went straight on top of my sewing list. I don’t wear/make sporty clothes, so immediately I started thinking on how to make the pattern but to fit my own style better, and I am very happy with what I got in the end. I have two versions of the Neighborhood Sweatshirt, well actually pretty different than the original pattern but with minimal changes.

About the lace sleeves top:
Fabrics used: French Terry and embroidered tulle for the sleeves

Did the fabric work well?

Well, the french terry is perfect for the pattern but my idea of lace sleeves did not work as expected. But every mistake I make in sewing is for me a learning moment! When I was cutting the sleeves out, I was wondering if it was better to use something with stretch, but as I went further with my sewing, I thought “don’t do that”! When I was done I could not move my arms, as my fabric did not have any stretch. Solution: I shortened the sleeves to 6 cm (measured from the underarm) and added a 3 cm wide band. I love it!

Liesl + Co. Neighborhood Sweatshirt

How did the sewing go?

This pattern, at least when using the sweatshirt option, is very easy to make. To sew the sleeve seams I used french seams, the fabric is see-thru and I wanted a neat seam. The rest of the shirt is sewn on the serger and that makes it also very fast to make.

Liesl + Co. Neighborhood Sweatshirt

What was the best part?

I am very happy with this top, very comfortable and love the little sleeves. This patterns is a keeper for me.

About the faux suede top: After playing with the french terry top I started on the next one. And for this one I had a very clear idea in my head. I wanted the bodice in faux suede an contrasting sleeves. To give a bit more interest I used the front pieces from the hoodie option (without the pockets) and top stitched all the seams with contrasting thread.

Liesl + Co. Neighborhood Sweatshirt

Fabric used: Stretch faux suede and polyester pique stretch

Did the fabric work well?

Yes, this fabric match is perfect. The drape is similar and with enough stretch for the long sleeves.

Liesl + Co. Neighborhood Sweatshirt

How did the sewing go?

I enjoyed so much sewing this top! I love all the seams in the front panel. To make my sewing faster, when I need to topstitch with other thread than the one I use for sewing the garment, I use an older sewing machine just for topstitching, so I don’t need to change the thread/needle for every seam. I made the top 5 cm shorter and did not add the band and shortened the sleeves by 12 cm and added a 3 cm band.

Liesl + Co. Neighborhood Sweatshirt

What was the best part?

This was fun to make! I love how different it is from the original pattern and actually how great is getting two such different tops with one pattern! I need to make an Extra-Sharp Pencil Skirt to go with this top!


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  1. Barb

    These are both great adaptations! It always amazes me how different a pattern can look. I also love how you made those lace sleeves work for you. You ended up with two really great tops.

    1. Thank you, Barb! I am happy I found the way to keep the lace sleeves, I am very pleased with both tops.

  2. Lisa

    Really creative interpretations of the pattern! They turned out great, and I love how you adjusted the pattern to suit your tastes.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! With almost no changes I got a pretty different style than the original…love easy sewing 🙂

  3. Addie

    Both of these tops came out so well. I especially like the grey short sleeved version. It’s really helpful to see different interpretations of this, sort of basic, style.

    1. Thank you, Addie! I am very happy with both!

  4. Erics

    Amazing job adaping this basic pattern! I especially love the sheer tulle sleeves. Now I’m going to look for a heavily embroidered lace to try that, too! Such a great look for a small piece of “special occasion” fabric that can now easily be worn for more casual occasions!

    1. Exactly! I have no special events to sew whole lace dresses or fancy clothes but it is great to be able to still sew those “special occasion “fabrics and include them in everyday wear.

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