oliver + s little things to sew: last call!

Update: Well, that happened quickly. We’ve sold out of all our remaining copies of the book. If you are still interested in getting one before they are all gone, it appears that Amazon.com has a few copies available. But they probably won’t last for long.

Hello friends!

Well, we received a bit of unexpected news the other day when we placed a re-order for my first book, Oliver + S Little Things to Sew. The book has gone out of print! So this is your fair warning, or the best we can do because we didn’t really get any warning ourselves. Grab a copy of the book while you can because there are only a few left.

Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book cover

Of course this news has me feeling all sorts of nostalgic, so I’ve been looking back at some of my favorite images from the book. Most of the models were S’s preschool friends, and these photos mean a lot to me because they bring back so many memories from back then. I can’t believe how small the kids were! And then there’s the fact that I’m so attached to these projects after Giulia and I spent so much time developing and perfecting them. They’re like children to me, too, and now they’re growing up and moving out of the house! Boo hoo.

Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book photos

Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book photos

Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book photos

To continue my little nostalgia trip, here are some behind-the-scenes shots from the photo shoot, which was such a crazy, fun, exhausting three-day adventure!

Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book behind the scenes

Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book behind the scenes

Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book behind the scenes

Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book behind the scenes

Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book behind the scenes

It will be sad to let this one go, but don’t worry! We’re working on plans to do other things with it, and maybe with one new project that didn’t make it into the book because of space. (Hint: if you look closely at the photos above you’ll see it.)

And then there’s the trailer for the book, which I also love. Our friend Holly did such a beautiful job with this!

Good times! It’s also been so much fun to see everything you’ve done with this book over the years! You can see photos of projects you’ve sewn from the book and more blog posts about the book here. Shelley made it a mission to sew every project from the book in one year, which was a really cool project.

You can pick up one of the very last copies of the book right here. But don’t delay. When it’s gone, it’s gone!




  1. Melani

    I love this book so much! It doesn’t seem like that many years ago was the original publication! Time has certainly flown by. It’s sad to say “goodbye” to this, but also exciting to see what’s next!

  2. Katherine

    I love the little sewing projects in this book. I am actually getting ready to make the messenger bag.

  3. MJ

    Wow – I have unexpected nostalgia about this book too! Some of my first projects for my daughter when she was little were from this book (some of my best projects too, honestly!). I love this book and will always treasure it, and will save it for when I may possibly have grandchildren someday (yikes!).

  4. Jill

    Sad to see this go. I wanted to purchase a copy but it was too expensive to post to Australia. Could you possibly turn it into an E-book?

  5. Oh how sad. I love this book, it’s such a treasure trove of projects and such beautiful images.
    Is the missing project a hobby horse? 🙂

  6. Annette Fly

    Oh my I’m so glad I have one! They are going to cost a fortune on eBay very soon! Remaining copies will definitely be scooped up—Best of luck on to the next thing, Liesl!

  7. Lynn Shepard

    I’m “sew” very happy I own this book already! I think maybe I should get another one…I didn’t want to cut mine up to use the paper dolls. I’m such a futz when it comes to my books.

  8. Juliet

    This is such a beautiful book. I will keep my copy forever. I think my favorite make was a bright pink, red riding hood cape for my niece.
    Is the bunny slippers the mystery project? I don’t recall that one.

  9. Hannah W

    I’ve checked this book out so many times from the library. I ought to get a copy for my own library before it is too late. Thanks for the warning! Are the cute bunny slippers the new project? They look like a fun little thing to sew:)

  10. Is it the bunny slippers?!?! Those are so adorable and I didn’t see them in the book. My older daughter just out grew her red riding hood, but now has an AG doll, so I can start plotting for Christmas!

  11. Taryn

    Bunny Slippers! This is my most used craft book ever!

  12. Barb

    I have not had this book for too long, but I have made the doll carrier, the bucket hat(s), and the mittens. I have plans for a cape too. It’s a lovely book!

  13. Mindy

    Oh, I love this book! My first introduction to Oliver + S was a blog post somewhere of the Bear Carrier. I’ll have to add this to my list of out of print things to grab in case of fire.

  14. Annie

    I’m so happy I got a copy for Christmas last year!! So sad that it is going out of print. Thank you for the great book! 🙂

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