introducing the liesl + co. hollywood trousers pattern

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the first of our three new women’s patterns for Fall 2018. I’m so excited about these because they are each classics in their own way, and each pattern includes details that I think you’ll love, along with our usual thorough instructions to guide you through every step of the sewing process.

The first of these patterns is our Liesl + Co. Hollywood Trousers. Inspired by the style of classic film stars, these trousers include all the great tailoring details to make really well-fitted trousers that will become a wardrobe essential. These are relatively high-waisted trousers, fitted through the waist and hips with wide legs. In my opinion, this style of trouser is nearly universally flattering because they are fitted at the top and then looser through the legs, so they give you a nice shape. Tuck in a blouse or shirt or wear them with a sweater and you’re all set to go!

I’ve included a lot of unexpected details that I think you’ll like in this pattern. The zipper fly is a true zipper fly with a zipper shield, which so many sewing patterns don’t seem to include these days. You’ll get a nice fit with back darts and a stable waistband that includes two types of closures (buttonhole/button and hook and bar) for extra security and to prevent gaping.

The trousers also have optional front pockets with pocket stays, which keep the pocket bags in place and prevent bulging and gaping when you sit down. You can choose whether to sew the trousers lined or unlined, since instructions for both are included.

I also moved the inseam forward, which in my experience gives trousers a much better fit. Additionally, the legs are cut nice and long, which allows you to hem them to the right length, especially if you plan to wear them with heels.

In terms of fabric, we recommend wool like wool suiting, tropical wool, and wool crepe as well as twill, corduroy, denim, and canvas. I used a very heavy cotton that looks like wool for the trousers on the pattern envelope, but I also sewed them in wool and corduroy, as you can see from the photos here.

These trousers are so versatile to wear! I always like to give you lots of ideas for how to wear our patterns to help you envision how they might fit into your own wardrobe and your own style. If you’re classically inclined, like me, a blouse or menswear-style shirt is a great option. You can also wear them with an easy sweater, a pretty blouse, under a blazer, etc. I have similar trousers in my wardrobe that I’ve been wearing for more than 20 years, so I can attest to the fact that this style is truly classic and you’ll be wearing it for a very long time. It can also be dressed down! Maybe crop the leg a bit if you prefer to show some ankle, and wear them with flats and a knit top.  Here are more styling ideas for you.

You can find all these photos and lots more in our Liesl + Co. Hollywood Trousers Pinterest board. We’re planning a sew-along for all three of our new styles, and we’ll announce the dates soon, so I hope you’ll pick up your copies of the pattern. Stay tuned for more ideas for this pattern from our Advisors Circle members, too!

I hope this pattern will be a wardrobe basic for you! After all, there are so many ways you can sew and wear it, and I’m looking forward to seeing how you make it your own. Please share your makes with our Liesl + Co. Facebook Friends group as well as on social media with the tags #lieslandco and #hollywoodtrousers.

You can purchase the Hollywood Trousers sewing pattern starting next Wednesday from our website. It will be available in both paper and digital format. Leave your email address now on the appropriate pattern page, and we’ll notify you as soon as you can place your order.


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  1. These are beautiful! Love the fit and styling ideas!

    1. Glad to hear it, Emily! Thanks.

  2. Erica

    It is so exciting to think that I can make my own perfectly fitted trousers. This style is very similar to a pair of black wool trousers that have been a wardrobe staple for me for 20 years. I was wondering what I’m going to do when it starts to fall apart on me, but now I have a great solution! I think it will look great in a cropped length, too. Thank you, Liesl, for this pattern!

    1. I think they’ll be great cropped! I’m contemplating tropical wool cropped and white, which wouldn’t be a completely crazy idea here in Spain. We’ll see!

  3. Emily

    Love these! I’ve been looking for a classic trouser to wear to work.

    1. I’m so glad! Thanks!

  4. Angelia

    These are gorgeous! They fit so well with my desire for tailored classics … can’t wait for Wednesday to order the pattern.

    1. I hope you’ll show us how they turn out, Angelia!

  5. Marsha

    Oh, I just love these! They are exactly what I’ve looked for in ready-to-wear and can never find.

    1. And now you can make them precisely to fit, in whatever fabric you like!

  6. Elisabeth

    Love the styling suggestions! Now to decide if I’m on the look out for a good yellow/orange fabric or if I’m on the lookout for plaid…

    1. Tough call, right? I can’t wait to see!

  7. Miriana

    Brilliant. I have a terror of lining trousers (am British, so can’t bring myself to use the word ‘pants’) and front fly zips (ditto for the word ‘zipper’), so am thrilled that there is a lovely pair to make that comes with your fantastic instructions.

    1. You’ll be shocked how easy it is, too!

  8. Addie

    These are so classic, perfect really. I appreciate your showing them in more casual fabric as well as the traditional choices. I am taking a class in drafting trousers and this is exactly the style I am planning on making. Depending on how my draft turns out, I will still likely buy your pattern because I know I will learn from your excellent instructions and construction techniques.

    1. Exciting! I think trousers are the most difficult to draft. Good luck!

  9. donna

    Lovely. Do they look too sloppy or baggy if they don’t have a pressed crease down the back or front?

    1. Not at all! It’s just a personal preference for me. Crease or no crease–whichever you prefer.

  10. Eunita

    Can’t wait to make these trousers and fabric shopping too!!

    1. Great! Please show us when you’re done!

  11. I can’t say how much I love these trousers. The high waist and wide leg are perfect. I’m planning a navy wool crepe pair….

    1. Yours turned out great! And crepe will be lovely.

  12. Asmita

    I love the look of these! How soon I might get to them, I don’t know, but I am looking forward to seeing how you style them.

    1. They’re a lot of fun to sew!

  13. Emily

    YES!! I’ve been looking for a pattern like this. Thank you!

  14. Lyn

    ooo love these, I just survived making some Girl Friday Culottes so I’m up for the challenge, eek 🙂

  15. Lynn

    With your digital patterns, is it possible to select just one size before printing so that you don’t see the entire range of sizes on the pattern piece?

    1. Our newer patterns are produced with layers so you can do that. If the full description on the website says that the pattern is a layered PDF, you’ll have this functionality.

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