oliver + s patterns flickr group

Did you realize that people have posted almost 35 thousand photos to the Oliver + S Patterns Flickr group? That group is still going strong. And we’re so glad it is because it’s a treasury of inspiration. It truly is a testament of love from parents, grandparents, and aunts who sew for their children, grandchildren, and nieces.

Oliver + S Patterns Flickr group

We encourage you to continue to show us what you’ve made with Oliver + S patterns, and feel free to browse around for ideas and inspiration. And if you haven’t posted any photos yet, we hope you will and become part of the Oliver + S community.

I wanted to take the time to feature the top two contributors to the Oliver + S Patterns Flickr group. They are Nicole and Sharon. Nicole has been sewing for many years for her six children and has over a thousand photos in the Oliver + S Flickr group. Here are a few of her recent makes using the Forest Path Cape and Roller Skate Dress.

Oliver + S Patterns Flickr group

Sharon has been sewing for five children and here are some of her fantastic creations using the Bubble Dress, School Days Jacket, and Playtime Dress.

Oliver + S Patterns Flickr group

On Flickr, it’s quite easy to do searches for a specific sewing pattern. For example if you search Oliver + S Patterns Photos and type in “rollerskate” all of the images that were tagged with “rollerskate” will appear.

And at the end of the year don’t forget to make your Flickr mosaics. Mosaic Maker is an easy tool to use to create photo mosaics. We’ve been featuring Oliver + S photo mosaics on the blog for years. Have a look at them here, here, and here. We’d love to feature your photo mosaics of your 2016 Oliver + S sewing on the blog in January.




  1. Janice

    Two of my favorite sewists!!

    1. Sharon k

      Thank you Janice!

  2. Nicole

    Thank you Janice.

  3. Susan

    golly, i would have to round them up. I made my first Bubble dress for my granddaughter Margot when she was nor even one and now she is almost 6. I cannot believe it.

    thank you.

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