lengthened city stroll wrap skirt

Of all the patterns we’ve ever produced, one of my favorites is our Liesl + Co City Stroll Wrap Skirt. It’s one of my essential wardrobe pieces. I wear it all year round. My very favorite version of this pattern is made of a wool suiting that I wear in every season, but in summer I add two skirts made from double gauze. I’ve also made it in crepe and denim (I still need to photograph that one), so this pattern has gotten a lot of use and wear for me.

I wear this pattern at least once a week. Here are a few photos from Me Made May last year to show you how often.

In any case, when I saw this photo from J.Crew I knew it was time to show you how to lengthen the City Stroll pattern to make a similar-looking skirt. I think you’ll be surprised how easy it is!

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This tutorial follows the approach from our basic tutorial for lengthening and shortening a pattern. You might want to read it first.

  1. To lengthen the City Stroll Skirt, first locate the skirt front, skirt back, and front facing pieces. Find the lengthen/shorten line on each piece. On all three pieces, this line runs across the piece, about halfway down.
  2. Cut each piece apart along the line, keeping the parts of each pattern piece together so you don’t forget which are which.
  3. Spread the two parts of each pattern piece according to the amount of length you want to add. Just for the fun of it (and because I like to wear long skirts) I added about 16″ when I made mine. For a look that’s closer to the inspiration photo you would probably add about 5-7″.  Tape the spread pieces onto another piece of paper, taking care to align them using the grain line or cut on fold line as a guide.
  4. Then simply blend the contour lines for each piece to make a new cut line. And that’s it. You’ll sew the skirt exactly as you would sew the original (non-lengthened) City Stroll Skirt.

I made this skirt from rayon, and I must admit it’s not my favorite fabric for this style. Next time I’ll try linen or cotton, both of which would be less wavy at the curved hem. I think the skirt itself benefits from a fabric with a little more structure, too.


I hope you’ll have fun with this pattern and try different lengths. Quite a few of you have posted photos of your skirts on Instagram. I hope to see some longer versions show up as well!

What do you think? Will you try lengthening the skirt like this?


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  1. Tricia

    Yes! I will definitely be trying a longer version of this, I love the slightly-below knee/midi length. Just have to wait til I’ve got a waist again (35 weeks pregnant right now) ;).

    1. Janome Gnome

      Congratulations Tricia! I went a bit rogue and did my longer one in a (fairly stable) knit, with a knit band for the waistband and skipped the button closure. (Insta: @janomegnome if you want to see how it worked out.) If you did a yoga/maternity type waistband too, and made it a bit less high waisted, you could totally maternify it. You could wear it afterwards too, so even though you’re close to your date, I’d totally treat yourself and go for it. Good luck!

  2. Lisa

    Thanks! I hadn’t bought this pattern yet because I prefer longer skirts, but I’m going to get it and give this a try! It will be perfect for the fall.

  3. Susan

    Love my shorter length version of this skirt. Now that we seem to be thinking about fall, it would be good to sew a longer version and I have just the material in mind and the adjustment looks pretty easy to do. Thank you for the timely tutorial! .

  4. Janome Gnome

    I already did a slightly longer one that hits just on the knee at the front and just below at the back. It’s a really flirty length actually, arguably saucier than the shorter one. Fun.

  5. Lynda

    I’d discounted this skirt when the pattern was released as I was concerned about it flapping open and the gap at the front not being ideal for a (yikes!) 59 yr old but maybe I’ll give it a go after that great wrap (no pun intended).

  6. Helena

    I’ve been fancying a knee length ikat one, I think there was a jcrew one on the pintrest inspiration board. I love that. I was wondering of it needed shaping in at the bottom at all. Now I know it doesn’t! I have it traced and ready to go.

  7. Jenny

    Well, d’uh me! Ha! I loved it and bought it and thought, it’s too short though. And how ridiculously easy. And I should have known better. I mean I do modifications and alterations on O+S for the wee girl. LOL.

    Silly, silly, silly me. I mean longer it makes a perfect work skirt. I can wear it to court.

    Now I have to find a fabric that is both professional and fun. While I have lots of rayons in mind, I have to keep in mind what you’ve said about structure and needing a better fabric.

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