my favorite oliver + s pattern: patricia from quilting with a hon

Please welcome Patricia to the blog today. She is a quiltmaker and teacher; known as Quilting with a Hon on Facebook. She is here to share her favorite Oliver + S pattern as well as several other patterns that she has sewn. Glad to have you here Patricia!

I have mostly been a quilter, but then my son nested. I probably frightened my mother when I asked for a cedar chest at 16 so that I could stock away the things necessary for beginning-married life. My son started at about 25 years old on a path to find the right woman, get a home and have children. It was fun to watch especially a few years later when the happy couple told me a child was on the way. I waited anxiously for the months to pass. We finally knew—it was a girl. I think the first thing I did was buy an Oliver + S pattern, the Ice Cream Dress.

As a quilter for 20 some years, I had completely abandoned clothing construction. Yet, I do not think I ever attended a quilt show where vendors had no Oliver + S patterns on display. A baby girl opened up a new world for my glorious cottons.

My favorite, the Birthday Party Dress, followed quickly, and then almost anything I felt was doable with my limited clothing skills. It’s the pleats. My high school friends still remember my affinity for them.

Oliver + S Birthday Party Dress

A family birth gave me the chance to play with the Tea Party Sundress and bloomers.

Oliver + S Tea Party Dress + Bloomers

Baby girl number two followed three years later. Double patterns were needed to fill in the size range. They grow so quickly as did my Child Box. I count eighteen in all, including a free one that Liesl had posted. My newest is the Hide-and-Seek Dress. I conquered the sleeves.

Oliver + S Hide-and-Seek Dress

More pleats and “Frozen” fabric, the Music Box Jumper was a hit, because I think she wore it to bed.

Oliver + S Music Class Jumper

The smaller first version became a hit with the little sister.

Oliver + S Music Class Jumper

Oliver + S Music Class Jumper

The Family Reunion Dress made up cutely in a bright summery floral.

Oliver + S Family Reunion Dress

Mom-Mom’s greatest creation by far, “Frozen” that she could wear many days in a row using the Sunday Brunch Jacket.

Oliver + S Sunday Brunch Jacket

It seems they grow faster than I can get the pictures and the clothes are passed on to be enjoyed by others.

I still need to pull out my sewing machine guide book every time for the buttonholes. I have conquered French seams and Hong Kong finishes, tucks and ruffles, explored overcasting by machine. Every hem is perfectly accurate. I can play with piping. What is not to love!


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  1. Deb

    You have made such sweet little outfits for your granddaughters. Thanks for sharing.
    I find sewing for grandchildren so rewarding and the experience made extra special by using O+S patterns.

    1. Patricia Hersl

      Thank you Deb.

  2. Carol

    You are an inspiration!

    1. Patricia Hersl

      Thank you. I give all credit to the patterns.

  3. Helena

    My daughter would want to wear the Frozen dress to bed too! You’re a great sewer and Grandma!

    1. Patricia Hersl

      Thanks so much.

  4. Dixie Brillhart

    The Dresses are Beautiful ,you did a wonderful job! Your Grandchildren wear them well!

    1. Patricia Hersl

      Thanks Dixie.

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