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We have a fun “meet the panel” week planned for you here on the blog. All week long we will be featuring our six Swingset Skirt sew-along panelists. They’re going to be sharing the materials they’ve selected and talking about their plans for their skirts. I think you’re going to like seeing the fabrics these sewing gal-pals have selected for their Swingset Skirts. We’re kicking it off today with Brienne. A few months ago she stopped by with her fantastic iron-on image tutorial. She’s back and here she is!


Brienne's plans for an Oliver + S Swingset Skirtinspiration image source

Hello there! I’m Brienne, a sewer and a knitter of things for my two children. I occasionally blog at Handmade by Brienne and frequently post photos of my making adventures on Instagram. You can find me here.

I’m so very pleased to be included here as part of this panel. If you’re here, I’ll bet that you appreciate the distinct quality of Oliver + S patterns. Maybe you turn to their patterns when you’re trying to understand the best way to approach a sewing technique. Me too! I make most of what my kids wear so the Playtime Leggings and the School Bus T-shirt are staples for us. And I’m eager to take a crack at the Swingset Skirt.

For this sew-along, I’ll be sewing the skirt as written, though it’s possible that I’ll be adding some tassels to the drawstring. I don’t want the skirt to have too much stiffness so I’m going with a fabric that has good body and plenty of swing. I grabbed this pretty, painted dress off of the sale rack at Target. It’s the perfect weight and its colors reminded me of the gorgeous palate in this photo from Sweet Paul.

We live in Minnesota and our family plays out of doors in all kinds of weather. The skirt will need some layers to go along with it for the upcoming winter so I’ve casted on some leggings and even a sweater to beef it up a bit.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the other panelists are cooking up and to hearing from you. Will you be sewing along?


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  1. I loved reading this, Brienne. You have such an engaging writing style and I can’t wait to see your finished skirt! <3

  2. Thanks, Rachel! I’m eager to see what the other panelists are up to.

  3. Those leggings are adorable!! Can’t wait to see it all together!!

  4. Alicia

    Thank you so much for sharing Brienne. I am returning to sewing after more than 20 years. My quickly growing children are my inspiration as well as the high cost of good quality clothing. Living outside of the US now I find that clothes are so much more expensive then I am used too. I really appreciate that you have found a dress as inspiration. The Op-Shops (thrift stores) here have lots of great deals. Not having sewn for soooo long I love the clarity and support of the Oliver + S patterns as well as this wonderful community. That is why I buy their patterns over local name brands.

  5. Sarvi

    I agree with all the above and I’m really enjoying all the great knitting on your Instagram as well!

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