announcing the lisette b6244 coat sew-along

Hello, friends!

Thanks for all your support and interest in the newest Lisette patterns when I introduced them last week! It’s clear that you’re fans of the  B6244 coat, so today I’ll talk you through some fabric ideas and give you the schedule for our upcoming sew-along so you can start planning and selecting your materials.




We’ll start the sew-along itself on October 14. This is a short, quick project, so we’ll finish everything in three days. You’ll be surprised at how fast this pattern sews up!

Of course, if you can’t join us on October 14, the sew-along will still be there for you when you’re ready. Join whenever you’re able.

Fabric Suggestions

Because you asked, I’ve been collecting some fabric suggestions for you. I must warn you, however, that I haven’t seen these fabrics in person, so I would recommend that you request a swatch before ordering yardage. In my virtual shopping, I looked mostly for wool coatings in a variety of weights. A few of the fabrics I chose are double-faced, but most of them are straightforward wool coating. So if you want to go shopping on your own you can easily look for more options in stores as well. Mostly, you’ll want to look for coating fabrics that have a little weight/body to them and will drape nicely so you can still get that pretty cascade down the front of the coat. Nothing too stiff, but do look for fabric that’s got some weight to it. Ask at the fabric store if you’re unsure, but most apparel fabric stores that have a wool coating section will have plenty of options for you. See my Lisette B6244 Coat Fabric Ideas Pinterest board for many more suggestions.


fabric-mosaicpinterest link


Other Supplies

In addition to coordinating thread for your coat, you may find that you want a bit of stabilizing tape for the shoulders and, possibly, the neckline of your coat. The wool I chose for my coat had quite a bit of stretch in the cross-grain (from selvedge to selvedge, which is quite common), so I used 1/4″ cotton twill tape to help prevent the neckline and shoulders from stretching when I wear the coat. I’ll talk more about this during the sew-along, but if you find that your selected fabric has some stretch, you may also want to consider using a stabilizing tape. But that’s all you’ll need. No zippers, no interfacing, no buttons. Hooray!

Join Us

Are you excited to make your coat? I hope so! You can join the sew-along group in the discussion forums to participate once the sew-along kicks off. Once you’ve joined, you can post any questions and suggestions you might have before starting the sew-along here. We’ll try to address them in the course of the sew-along.

If you have a blog, please feel free to grab the sew-along badge you can add to your posts or to your sidebar, to let people know you’re participating.




You can also use hashtags on Instagram and Facebook: #sewlisette will connect to all Lisette pattern images, and you can get more specific to this pattern with #B6244.

If you don’t have a copy of the pattern yet, you can get a copy right here or anywhere Butterick patterns are sold. I hope you’ll join us on October 14 for a fun and easy coat that will keep you feeling cozy all winter long.


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  1. Chicmamainedh

    I just got my pattern yesterday, Joann’s is having a sale! Excited to make both garments

  2. Tricia

    I love this, I’m looking forward to sewing it up sometime this fall and will enjoy following the sew along. I just bought the pattern today – FYI, all Butterick patterns are on sale at Joann’s for $1.99 through tomorrow (Saturday)!

    1. Sharon k

      Thank you for letting us know! I bought both patterns on Saturday.

  3. Colleen P.

    I definitely love this coat-I’ll be joining, just need to pick up the pattern between now and then!

    Just need to dig through my wool stash-I have a HUGE piece of 100% wool, I’m thinking I may felt it and make it out of that…Or possibly the stripe…oh, the possibilities! 😀

  4. Sharron

    I love this coat but I’m allergic to wool. Any recommendations for me? It doesnt need to be super warm as I live in a warm climate. I want to make this!

    1. Sharron, the pattern is designed for wool coatings, so if you can find something similar without wool that would probably be your best option. Can you use cashmere? You might be able to find other fabric types that would work if you do a little searching in your local fabric store. No specific suggestions I can think of at the moment, but a little hunting will probably turn up something interesting.

  5. Libby

    I have a bunch of wool that I’d like to felt a little and dye….I have no experience with PURPOSEFULLY doing either of these 😛 any resources?

    1. Libby, I’m sure a google search will turn up some interesting things. Lots of people are working with wool these days!

  6. Liesl, Can you guide us on choosing a size?
    This pattern is so loose fitting, I’m afraid it will be
    too big?

    1. My suggestion for a style like this is always to fit the shoulders, Rachel. If the coat fits through the shoulders it can be drapey through the front and will still look good. The fit isn’t actually all that loose, which you’ll see from the back of the coat. It’s just the draping in the front that give the appearance of a loose fit. So here’s the best thing to do: Hold up the back pattern piece to your back and find the size that fits you best through the shoulders, keeping in mind the 5/8″ seam allowances. Does that make sense?

  7. Yes, perfectly. Thank you.

  8. Suz

    I just finished this coat, it’s stunning! I used a cashmere blend (without wool). I found the thickness was tricky, especially with flat felled seams. For the noticeable ones (front seams and bottom), i increased the seam allowance to 1″ in order to be get the folded piece under.

    I lengthened 1″ at the waist since I’m tall, but it turned out I needed to take off 4″ at the bottom anyway. What I found now, though, was the bottom tends to flare out a bit. I’m not sure if this is because of the thick fabric w curved seam, or because I took too much off the bottom. Any advice on how to make it drape straight down a bit better? Maybe darts going up the side seams?

    Thanks — looking forward to starting the dress to go with it!

  9. Barbara J

    I am going to try this in fleece. What are my chances?

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