announcing a huge july sale

We’ll occasionally have a sale on our patterns, but we’ve never done one like this before. For the rest of this week, you’ll save 60% off the retail price of select Oliver + S patterns.

Not every one of our styles is included in the sale, and the discount is limited to paper patterns. But with a selection this large and prices this low, we’re sure you’ll be able to find something you like!


The sale runs through 11:59 PM ET on July 31, 2015. Use coupon code July60 at checkout for your discount to be applied. Follow this link to see which patterns are included in the sale.



  1. Melanie Ware

    So excited!!! Just ordered my first pattern from you. I have been waiting for a sale before I took the dive. I am sure I will soon be addicted. I am super sad that the fairy tail dress is no longer in print in the smaller sizes. I ordered the larger. Guess I might just have to go digital. I am an old fashioned gal who loves paper patterns. Thanks for the great sale!!!

  2. Oh, my goodness. That was super dangerous. But, a resounding thank you!! I wonder if anything will be left by Friday…


  3. Erica Guadagnoli

    Just wanted to let you know I got my order put in! 🙂 I love the paper patterns.. it’s nice not having to fuss with printing and taping but your pdf’s are actually not that bad to deal with! I also posted a link on my facebook and business facebook page, too.. Wanted to share the great deal and also help you all diminish your paper stock 😉 Thanks for making the sale! It really helps when you need to buy multiple sizes for many aged children! I have 5 kiddos with another on the way, half girls, half boys so they are all in different size ranges. My oldest 2 won’t fit in your patterns and I didn’t discover them until they were already grown out but my youngest 3 (soon to be 4) will get lots of use out of them I’m sure!! Thanks again for the sale!

  4. Sarah Keeling

    First I was waiting for my daughter to fit into the top range, when I discovered you she was firmly into a 4T size. Then I’ve been waiting to be in a position to be able to afford a few patterns at once to make the shipping cost to the UK financially worth it.

    This sale is an absolute blessing. Thank you so much, order placed.

  5. Bought some . . . and shared it with our facebook friends!! What a deal!! THANK YOU!

  6. Thanks for the enthusiasm, friends! And thanks for sharing the link, too!

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