introducing the liesl + co gallery tunic + dress

The last of our new Liesl + Co. patterns is the Gallery Tunic + Dress. Actually, it’s not quite the last, but it’s the last of the new patterns. We’re also releasing the extremely popular Everyday Skirt in paper format, and I know a lot of you will be very happy about that!




The Gallery Tunic + Dress pattern is an updated version of a classic tailored shirt with contemporary styling and relaxed, classic details. I think of this as a contemporary take on the classic men’s shirt. It’s a silhouette that’s showing up in fashion a lot lately in a variety of ways. It’s tailored looking and classic, but it’s also a bit more relaxed and casual in feel. It’s also easier to sew than a full-on classic shirt.

This is a pop-over/pull-on style that’s fitted through the shoulders and relaxed through the body, which makes it flattering and easy to wear without looking oversized. The details include a partial placket with a little pleat, which is a really easy placket to sew and also looks interesting (i.e., not boring). Choose from a mandarin collar or a one-piece collar that looks like a classic shirt collar but is much easier to sew. If you’re familiar with our Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt you know this collar. It’s my favorite quick collar that gives professional-looking results.

And of course you can sew it as a tunic or shirt that is long enough to be tucked in securely, or you might also like to make the dress version, which includes in-seam pockets. Both versions have a shirt-tail hem. And you can also choose from a 3/4-length sleeve with a rolled cuff or a long sleeve with an easy button cuff. Lots of options: collar, sleeve and cuff style, and length, plus optional pockets for the dress.

I sewed the version on the envelope cover using a double-faced woven fabric that’s very similar to double gauze. I used the reverse side of the same fabric to sew the dress version of the same pattern. Fun, yes?




The dress also looks great in really drapey fabrics like rayon or silk. This navy silk version of the dress length is one of my favorites. I met a very chic museum curator the other day, and she was wearing a dress very similar to this. Which made me so happy! I like knowing that these patterns are classic and stylish at the same time.




Our testers absolutely raved about this pattern. I don’t usually include testers’ photos when we introduce a new pattern, but Melanie gave me permission to share these. She looks great, doesn’t she?






Yesterday I wore this shirt tucked into the City Stroll Wrap Skirt I showed yesterday (see where I’m going with this core wardrobe concept?), and it worked really well. Don’t be afraid to try wearing this style in different ways. I’ll talk a lot more about that next week when I show you fabric and styling ideas for each of the patterns. I love the versatility of a style like this. S has been teasing me a lot about only tucking in my shirts part way, but with a pattern like this it really works!

Here is how I’ve worn the Gallery Tunic for the past two days: tucked in and loose. It works both ways!




This pattern and our other new Liesl + Co. styles are scheduled to be released on Monday. But I just had a little bird whisper in my ear that if you keep your eye on the website later today you might be able to pick up your copy before the weekend.


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  1. Lizabeth

    I’m in trouble…sew many patterns, sew little time…

    This is EXACTLY the type of shirt I’ve been looking for

    Woot! 🙂

  2. Linda

    I absolutely love this tunic and will buy a paper pattern. I recently started to follow your blog as I’d like to get back into garment sewing. It’s been so fun to read your blog — I love all the information about different fabrics to try and styling inspiration. Thanks for all your hard work and have a terrific Mother’s Day!

  3. Alice S

    Very nice. I like all of the different options with this pattern and look forward to seeing different examples of this top and dress.

  4. Ellen

    Aaaaah! I’m doing Kermit arms over the Everyday Skirt being available in print!

    1. I’m picturing this, Ellen! Good graphic.

  5. Love it!!
    I might need to add a few versions to my wardrobe – linen, voile, chambray … Love the way it fits all of you – chic and yet comfortable!
    I sure hope that little bird was right – I’m keeping a close eye on the shop 😉

  6. Just checked it!
    The little bird was right! Thank you 😉

    1. Ana Sofia, if that little bird was Todd, he’s ALWAYS right!!! xoxo

  7. This is so perfect! I have a shirt similar I just purchased and wanted to go back for another but was putting it off because there weren’t really any other color I liked- now I can just make my own. I love that all your patterns are so on trend, but still classic.

    And tell that little birdie my husband thanks you, as he now doesn’t have to hit the store at the last minute for Mother’s Day. Good thing he’s a procrastinator 😉

  8. Nicki

    I love all the new patterns but this one is my favourite, especially in silk, it looks so versatile! I really like the fact you model the garments yourself and share how they fit into your everyday wardrobe 🙂

  9. This is a really cool style. Will there be directions for doing an FBA? I know it’s a relaxed style, so I wasn’t sure. A couple of my favorite shirts are similar to this-if love to have a few more!

  10. Kara

    this is a must-buy for me! I think the popover styling is great and love how many options you offer. I get a lot of wear out of my Weekend Getaway blouses, but never made the dress version because it looked a little boxy. This dress version has a great shape and I can imagine it in so many different fabric types! Congrats on a real winner!

  11. Stop it! I can’t keep up with so many awesome things to sew. 🙂

  12. Stephanie F

    Holy Cow! You weren’t kidding! They’re on the site shop NOW!!! Woot!

  13. Barbara

    I bought this WITHOUT hesitating!!! I am SO glad it’s Friday!! Off to FedEx Kinko!!!

  14. I have been waiting to see this one ever since I saw the sneak peek of it. Definitely my favorite of the three and one I see myself getting tons of use out of this fall. Thanks!

  15. Amy

    Love your patterns so much! With all the good options you have out there, it is hard for me to sew anything else, clothes wise. I love that you focus on basics! Your patterns are always well drafted, with good instructions, so I look to your patterns first if I want to make something – other patterns are only for things that are drastically different.

    I love how you walk through fitting and things like FBA. I am sure to many people, they are old hat, but not to a novice like me! Likewise lining things!

    Any plans for some slimmer cut pants in the future to go with the tunic? Can you talk a little about difference in fit between the mariner shirt and the metro shirt? Is it the bateau neck and the side vents? Or are there other differences in fit too?

    I am new to sewing, and so am gradually trying to build a wardrobe. The way you design makes this possible for me. Because I am slow, it is taking a while, but I am looking forward to eventually participating in Liesl made May!

  16. Tassiemum

    I love this pattern. Will definitely be making lots of these. This would also be a great girls pattern. My 8 year old would definitely wear this.

  17. Heidi

    I love the inclusion of the tester photos! And would like to see more of them 🙂

  18. Sarah

    Gorgeous! Cannot wait to sew this!

  19. lauren michele

    i’m so incredibly excited about this pattern! i have a shirt that is very similar to this and am so excited to make several copies of it. i’ve cut out all my pattern pieces and (as a very, very new seamstress) i am already stuck! the illustration of the placket makes it look like i need more than one piece of interfacing that is folded out in the middle? would you mind explaining this to me?

  20. Hi Lauren,

    Very sorry to hear that you’re stuck! Can you post your query to the discussion forums? If you tell us exactly what step you’re on that will help me to pinpoint where you’re getting stuck. Thanks!

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