fabric and styling inspiration for the city stroll wrap skirt

Let’s take a look at fabric and styling idea for the new City Stroll Wrap Skirt today, shall we? As I mentioned in my introductory post, this skirt is really versatile and wearable. But I forgot to tell you that it includes a lengthen and shorten line, so if you’re concerned about the length keep that in mind. (Also keep in mind that the model and I are both quite tall, so if you thought it looked a little short on us it won’t necessarily be that short on you!)

Here are some ideas to help you think about your fabric options and styling possibilities:




  1. Chambray, or even knit jersey, would be great for this skirt. I love the casual vibe here, wearing the wrap skirt with a sweatshirt. Just right for a relaxed weekend.
  2. Pair an oversized top with the more fitted City Stroll Skirt for a really great look. This outfit especially great because of the monochromatic color palette and the layers. I’ll totally mimic this with the Gallery Tunic and the City Stroll skirt.
  3. Boxy, semi-cropped tops will work well with the skirt, too. You could try the Maritime top for a similar look.
  4. I love suede, especially in this color. Don’t forget ultrasuede, either! The fabric has come a long way since the ’70s, and it’s very easy to sew. Plus, you don’t need to finish the seam allowances or the hems!
  5. Bright red, maybe in linen for summer? This is so pretty with the oversized white shirt and strappy heels.
  6. Bright blue is a really great idea for this pattern, too.
  7. This blanket version is fantastic, especially for fall and winter. I sewed a City Stroll Skirt in heavy double-faced cotton last winter and loved it. So cozy!
  8. See what I mean by oversized tops? I love that the skirt just peeks out here!
  9. I’m a big fan of texture in clothing. This outfit combines a heavily textured rib-knit sweater with what appears to be either a quilted or jacquard skirt.
  10. It totally works for curvy girls, too!
  11. So chic with heels and a belt. I love this look.
  12. Made in a practical twill and worn with a buttondown shirt this totally works for casual and at the office.
  13. With a drapey oversized top and strappy heels for evening or cocktails. I much prefer this look over a cocktail dress, to be honest. It’s chic without trying too hard.
  14. Here’s where you pull it all together. I’m envisioning a Lisette moto jacket over the Maritime top in addition to the City Stroll Wrap Skirt. You too?
  15. Garance paired a dressy metallic skirt with a cozy v-neck sweater. It’s that mix of casual with dressy that I just love.

Here are a few more ideas for you.

I love the dusty peach linen of this skirt, but the bow detail is also fantastic. It would be fun to try adding a bow to the City Stroll pattern to achieve a similar look.




How about adding a ruffle to the skirt hem? It would be really easy to do with the hem facing, and you could even follow the Siestas and Sewing tutorial for adding a ruffle to the Class Picnic Shorts.


wrap_skirt_with _ruffle


The hem facing will give you all sorts of opportunities to play around with this pattern. For example, you could apply it to the outside of the skirt instead of the inside. Or sew it from a contrast color. I love the effect of the directional stripes here.


wrap skirt with stripes


I’ve collected many more photos to inspire you, too. You can find them on the Liesl and Co. pattern styling ideas Pinterest board if you’d like to see more or save any of these ideas to your own board. And don’t forget to add your finished photos to the Liesl and Co Flickr group. A few of you have already added your finished skirts!


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  1. I just finished photographing mine. Love this skirt!!

  2. The wrap dress is my favorite from this collection. Can you tell us how tall you are so I can estimate if I’ll need to lengthen mine or not. I am 5’3″

    1. Absolutely, and I ‘m glad you like it! I’m 5’8″, so it’s going to be a lot shorter on me than you. Take a look at the finished measurement chart if it helps to have a specific length measurement. It’s at the bottom of this page: http://oliverands.com/liesl-and-co-patterns/OLV-LC014CS.html

  3. I was already completely sold on this skirt, but when you said jersey I clicked on the perfect monochrome thick wool jersey in my stash. I hope there’s enough fabric….

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