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Last week we shared some inspiration on adding pom poms and tassels to Oliver + S patterns. And in that post we linked to a resource for buying fashion tassels and pom poms. We are happy to inform you that the owner of that shop, Carter, is hosting a generous give-away, read at the bottom of the post for details.

Carter curates Woman Shops World, an Etsy shop offering worldly and tribal supplies such as tassels, textiles, and trims. She travels the world to gather these fantastic items to make them available to us. A year ago she had the featured shop on the Etsy blog where they interviewed Carter, so be sure to go there to get to know her better and learn more about what she does.

Upholstery tassels are easy to find, but fashion tassels can be a bit trickier. It’s fortunate for us that Carter offers many colorful and varied ones, like these tiny tassels that come in thirsty-six different colors! She also sells pure white tassels that you can dye yourself.


Tiny tassels from Woman Shops World


You’ll be thrilled to see all the other items Carter has gathered in her shop, it’s a feast for your eyes.


Pom pom swags from Woman Shops World

pom pom swag


Beaded lace trim from Woman Shops World

beaded lace trim


Ribbon from Woman Shops World



Pom pom trim from Woman Shops World

pom pom trim


Hand block print fabric from Woman Shops World

hand block print fabric


Carter is giving away a $40 gift certificate to Woman Shops World, so you can add some frill to your Oliver + S creations. To enter, leave a comment below telling us which Oliver + S pattern you think would look good embellished with items from her shop. Only one entry per person please. Comments will close at 9:00 AM ET Friday, April 10, 2015, and we’ll select a winner at random. The winner will be notified by email. This giveaway is international, so it is open to everyone!



  1. Melinda

    Pinwheel Tunic or Hide and Seek dress are probably the obvious choices. This website looks awesome! I am going to check it out now!

  2. Lauralee

    The Sunday Brunch jacket or, oooohh, the ribbon could be used on the Garden Party dress. I would use some poms on the woodland cape. I would embellish everything with poms and tassels if I could! 😀

  3. Mary Wilson

    These tassels and pompoms would be cute on the seam of the front yoke of the Hide and Seek Dress and Tunic! So bright and cheerful.

  4. Helena

    I know that visiting this site will result in a hole in my pocket!

  5. Mel

    what a lovely shop! I’ve been mulling over a garden party dress with ribbons instead of bands, she’s got some fantastic ribbons to choose from!

  6. Shauna

    Does it have to be an Oliver & S creation? I think a little pom pom trim would be cute on my only pattern so far – the Cappuccino tunic! 🙂

  7. Julia Gaultier

    I think the Roller skate dress would look really great with these handmade cotton tassels on a cord in the elastic casing https://www.etsy.com/listing/196589940/new-colors-tasseltastic-10-handmade?ref=shop_home_active_9
    And matching mini pom-poms for the sleeves. https://www.etsy.com/listing/163604446/orange-zest-pompom-trim-bright-orange?ref=shop_home_active_4
    Her website looks amazing!

  8. Adrienne

    Definitely the Hide and Seek dress!

  9. Id love to make the library dress with some of that wide ribbon trim, but the Pom poms are calling my name too!

  10. Nicole

    I love the tassels and poms and think they would look great on the class picnic shorts! (However, I ‘m not so keen on the bone and horn items and am wondering if there are legal restrictions to importing/exporting them.?)

  11. Karen brown

    I think the mini tassels would look sweet on the croquet dress, also on the bottom of the ties to the 2×2 dress.

  12. emily

    I love that pom pom trim! would use it on the skirt of a modified bubble dress or on the finished of the roller skate dress, so cute!

  13. Suzanne

    The pompom fringe would add lots of fun to the sleeves of the Cappuccino Dress. I would also use some wide ribbon trim on the sleeves and neck.

  14. Theresa

    Tassels and pompoms are so much fun

  15. Megan

    Hide and seek dress!

  16. I think the library dress would look great trimmed with ribbon.

  17. aprilshowers

    My 6yo recently picked out some fabric and pompom trim for me to make a skirt out of and now I want to add it to everything. Nothing like a little fashionista to help you think outside the box 🙂 I think it would look cute on the pockets of the Ice Cream Dress or at the edge of the Lazy Days Skirt or Popover dress. I’m always looking for nice ribbons for the Lazy Days Skirt too. I’ll definitely be bookmarking this shop!

  18. Susanne

    Mini pompoms would be cute on a croquet dress with a straight yoke… And ribbons look great on so many patterns. Love that shop!

  19. Ivana

    I think the lazy day skirt would look great trimmed with colorfull ribbon or pom poms!

  20. Tonia Jeffery

    I think the garden party dress with Elephants & Flowers ribbon or the Indigo Garden ribbon.

  21. jennifer

    Oh what a lovely collection! I think a pinwheel with pom poms would be perfect 🙂

  22. Suzie

    Oh my gosh, first of all, I love this skirt pattern:

    … and I can totally see putting two little off-center tassels at the top of the front flair!

  23. Jamie Stowe

    Hide and seek dress, can’t wait to make it

  24. Tricia

    When Liesl first introduced the Onstage Tutu, one of the ‘inspiration’ pins on Pinterest used pompoms trapped in a bubble of tulle. I’d love to make that, or adapt the idea to the skirt of a fairy tale dress for a fun party dress :).

  25. Laura J.

    Wow, what a fantastic shop! I’d have to make a garden party dress or a croquet dress accented with one of those gorgeous ribbons.

  26. I love the tassels and pom poms – these would look fab on so many O+S patterns 😉
    I’m going to check the store now (I have a garden party dress planned and need the tiny mini tassels)

  27. Meg

    Pom Pom trim on everything!( at least that’s what the 2 year old around these parts thinks!). I always add some trim to the front of the class picnic blouse. I’d also like to try to line around the button placket (tutorial from Shelley ) with some. Cute cute!

  28. Stirling

    I think some pompom trim in the waistband of Sunday Brunch skirt or sunny day shorts, and ribbon around the bottom edge of the skirts. So much fun! I want to do that right now.

  29. Kait

    I’d love to try a fake necklace on the playtime dress!! So many colors to choose from – they are really beautiful.

  30. Jennifer

    I would love to add some decorative trim to ice cream top. The shop has very pretty items.

  31. These are fabulous!! I would use them on the Hide and Seek Tunic or the Picnic blouse.

  32. chandra

    seriously, what oliver + s pattern wouldn’t look good with trims?!

  33. So many gorgeous items! The swingset or puppet show would be a beautiful place to showcase some of those trims.

  34. Leigh

    I am making my first Hide and Seek dresses (three at once) so naturally they are my first thought to trim up.

  35. Oh pooh, I was thinking about how much I want pompons on MY clothes. The Souvenir blouse, mostly!

  36. I can’t decide on tassels or pom pons for the Judy Fancy Pants. Tassels I suppose, since I’m thinking about pj’s. Too cute!

  37. Sara Kershner

    I would like to try some of the trim on the ice cream dress. 🙂

  38. Hide and seek dress or along the collar exterior facing of the family reunion dress or trimming the lazy days skirt.

  39. Carousel dress!!! I would jazz it up with some lovely trims 🙂

  40. I think Hide and Seek. The extra seams give places to start with embellishments. But in reality, I would have to choose when I was ready to sew.

  41. Marjut Hirvonen

    The Garden Party dress would look lovely with some trim…

  42. Library dress with matching Sunday Brunch jacket! Using this lovley ribbon to make a Christmas ensemble 🙂

  43. Laura

    I think the beaded lace trim or the trim would be cute on the hipster bag!

  44. Tineke

    Swing set with fringe or pompom trim !

  45. shae

    All of them?

  46. LiLian

    The ice cream dress I think! I’ve never used pompoms before!

  47. Ann

    I would add pom pom trim to the bottom of the pinwheel tunic/dress.

  48. Kathy E.

    I have always loved the Fairy Tale Dress. Every little princess wearing this dress needs beautiful ribbons and some plushy pom poms to make it feel extra special!

  49. definitely the hide and seek dress

  50. Sasha

    The Hide and Seek would be great!

  51. Amie

    You could bring new life to the Ice cream dress. Just imagine that cute little dress with a cute trim of pom pom. Who screams for ice cream? I do!

  52. carol

    OMG, this ribbon in so lovely and the pompoms are devine. I think I could use them on almost any pattern and it would move it up a notch. I am fascinated with putting pompom on sleeves or between a yoke and a skirt instead of piping.

  53. Stephanie

    Could totally see some pom pom trim on an ice cream dress!

  54. Isabel A.

    I think the Hide and seek dress would look great with some of that ribbons!

  55. Because I love tassels and pompoms and that they are not only for little girls I would totally use them on a Diplomat Dress…yes, for me (for once!!)

  56. db

    I would put them on ANY O+S pattern! They are all so much fun. My all time favorite is the Ice Cream dress and the Layette. Imagine pom poms and fancy trims around those little baby leggins :-). Thanks for the chance to win

  57. The tiny pompom trim would fit nicely on the Family Reunion Dress!

  58. Ann

    I’ve just received the library dress in the mail so it would be that dress that gets the pom pom treatment.

  59. The garden party dress would look great with a cute trip or the family reunion dress around the neckline. Thanks for the giveaway!

  60. Jenny G

    Pinwheel dress!

  61. Sara S

    I’d like to see some of that beautiful wide brocade ribbon on the library dress!

  62. Tamara H.

    Oh how lovely! I have been contemplating how to embellish the bodice or hem of the late lunch tunic. I have some lovely chambray in a linen shade that would benefit from the addition of embroidered ribbon. Definitely will be order some goods from this vendor.

  63. I think the Roller Skate with some pom-poms on the hem or a Swingset skirt with tassels. She has gorgeous trims, off to look more in depth.

  64. Beth

    Ice cream would be so cute! And the hide and seek looks great with tassels.

  65. bookboxer

    I’d love to embellish the library dress. Thanks for such a generous chance to win

  66. Emili

    I think a roller skate dress with pom pom trim on the skirt and maybe the sleeves. And some little pom poms on the waist tie…mmm, this is dangerous..

  67. Margaret Burch

    I was just searching handblocked fabric. I can see using it for a hide and seek with tassles at the yoke.

  68. Amanda

    I think the tassels would look great trimming the Ice Cream Dress.

  69. Tatiana

    Hide and Seek dress and tunic could be embellished with pom poms or tassels at the yoke. Playtime dress could be embellished with pom pom trim on the hem.
    Thank you!

  70. I think the music class would look nice with embellishments.

  71. Jennifer w

    Love everything! The hide and seek dress would look awesome with the mini poms!

  72. Johanna Olson

    I’m going old school with this one. I’d add the beaded trim to the yoke of the Play date Dress. I think it would combine a little sparkle with some really classic lines that would look very fresh and fun.

  73. Roller skater dress with tassel or pompom swag!

  74. I’ve just made a Hide and Seek dress and now I’m imagining one with tassels… or that beautiful beaded trim, perhaps… Thanks for putting me on to this amazing shop – what a wonderful collection of things to browse through!

  75. Nicole

    the hide and seek dress!

  76. The winner is #25. Congratulations Laura J! Carter will be in touch with you shortly.

  77. Simone

    I think the cinema dress would be lovely with some embellishments.

  78. Ruth S

    I love that fabric and it would look great as an everyday skirt!

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