oliver + s for STYLO 3

A new issue of STYLO magazine was released this week, and it features editorial spreads by two of our regular blog contributors – Rachel from Nest Full of Eggs and Kristin from skirt as top!


oliver + s patterns in STYLO magazine


Kristin sewed a sparkly Lunch Box Tee cropped at the view A pocket line, black twill 2+2 Skirt with added fullness, length, pockets, and fully elastic waistband, with metallic gold spandex Playtime Leggings.  More information on this “villain” look here.


forest path cape and apple picking blouse in STYLO magazine


For her second look, Kristin sewed a Forest Path Cape in yarn dyed plaid, with ivory lawn Apple Picking Dress modified into a blouse underneath.  More details on this “detective look” here.


oliver + s patterns in STYLO magazine


Rachel paired up with her friend Stacy from The Land of Ka for her photos.  Stacy sewed a dramatic faux fur Firefly Jacket and metallic Sketchbook Shorts with added zip fly and cuff for her daughter (left above).  Rachel sewed a beautiful black wool Forest Path Cape and polka dot wool Art Museum Trousers (with a zip fly!) for her daughter (right above).  You can see more of Rachel’s “grey zone” look here.


oliver + s patterns in STYLO magazine


Stacy also sewed a striped Sailboat Top for her daughter.  You can see more of Stacy’s “grey zone” look here.

There were plenty of great uses of Oliver + S patterns in this issue of STYLO!

Have you been inspired by STYLO?  As the avid Oliver + S fans we know you are, did you spot all of these patterns in the magazine?


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  1. I can’t begin to say what a thrill it was to see this issue. I’m so grateful to everyone who included us in their feature! It’s always a joy to see how you interpret our patterns to sew your own unique creations. Thank you everyone!

  2. Jenny G

    Congratulations, Liesl, Rachel, Kristin, Gail, Kristi, Chelise and Lindsay!! Putting the Style in Stylo!!

  3. Oh yes, we noticed each and every Oliver + S pattern. And LOVED them! Very delightful.

  4. Jenny

    It has to feel super awesome to be like look a magazine with a spread and how many of my patterns have been used/featured??!!! I am awesome.

    Or at least that is how I’d be if it happened to me!

    Such beautiful and inspiring garments these ladies did.

  5. Yes…. Oliver and S was VERY well-represented!! Excellent job, ladies!!

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