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My next Lisette fabric collection will be arriving in Spotlight stores soon, and when the sample yardage arrived a couple of weeks ago I got really excited to start using it. I’m so happy with how these watercolor prints turned out, so S got new pajamas! Which is good because she really did need new pajamas, new fabric collection or not. Because this fabric collection is printed on cotton jersey (so, so soft!) I thought it would be fun to sew her the Playtime Tunic and Leggings to use as pajamas. She’s quite thrilled with them.






I skipped the pockets and used snaps for the back closure. And yes, she could wear this outfit during the day. In fact, she loves it so much she wore the leggings most of last week. I’ll show you more of this new fabric collection soon, too, but in the meantime let’s talk about holiday pajamas. Here is your annual PJ round-up to inspire you to start your holiday pajama sewing. (And, yes, it’s time to start sewing now!)

Our very first pajama pattern, the Bedtime Story Pajamas, continues to be very popular for boys and girls. This is a quick and easy kimono-style pattern (no buttons and buttonholes!) that can be sewn from woven or knit fabrics. This set was sewn from interlock with woven trim.


bedtime story


Then of course there’s the Sleepover Pajamas, which is also great for both girls and boys, especially with those cute ruffles added for the girls!


Sleepover Pajamas


This Sleepover PJ photo was made three years ago, and S finally outgrew them this year. Those folded cuffs really help them to last for a very long time! But I truly can’t believe it’s already been three years since this was taken. She looks so tiny here.




I’ve also used the Hopscotch Top and the Nature Walk Pants for knit pajamas. Wow, this photo feels like a really, really long time ago. Bear looks young and so fluffy, too! I made a lettuce hem for the pants to give them a little frill.


nature pjs


You could also use the Hopscotch Dress as a knit nightgown. The lettuce hem would be a cute finish here, too!


Hopscotch Knit Dress Pattern


And if you get busy now, you can outfit the whole crew for a great photo like this one, which continues to be one of my favorites in the Flickr group.




Happy sewing! I hope you’ll show us your PJs, especially if you take a group photo!


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  1. Oooh! I love that new fabric! Any chance we in the US will get cotton jersey too? (Please!) Also, bear looks so loved, and much smaller now than he was just a few years ago–my son has a stuffed puppy named Puppy who is loved as much as it looks like S’s bear is loved.

  2. I’ve made the Sleepover PJs 8 times now 🙂 The kids and I have decided to branch out this year with a nightgown but I am still waiting for my local shop to get in their new flannel. With 3 nightgowns to make I am starting to get a little nervous!

  3. Love the new fabric! Must make some pjs now!

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing the new fabric line at Spotlight! We really need more good quality knits to choose from! 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    What about UK suppliers? Any chance of that, Liesl? I like the pink fabric, its lovely and looks so soft. Don’t think I’ve seen any of your fabric here, only patterns.

  6. Those knits look divine. I’m about to make some summer knit boy pyjamas with the Field Trip top and Nature Walk shorts.
    The badminton top has been turned into beautiful nighties by others too.

  7. Ahhhhh, we must be on the same wave length!! The past 3 nights have been spent devising a “pajama plan” {indecisiveness at its finest} for the three nieces…..all involving Oliver and S patterns :). Materials have been ordered, and patterns are being “prepped”. SOOOO EXCITED!!!

  8. Greenpip

    Oh wow. Spotlight Lisette jersey! It looks fabulous and I can’t wait. We suffer from such a dearth of nice jersey prints here in Australia.

  9. I am sooo ready to make new pjs – I think this year I’ll break my rule and make a matching mother/ daughter ensemble!

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