school uniform round-up

School’s back in session, and so is the school dress code. That means it’s time to follow the rules and dress your kids in the right school attire in adorable styles. You can sew school uniforms that meet the grade. Here is a gathering of inspiration which includes tops, jumpers, skirts, skorts, and dresses that have great-looking style for every season of the school year.

First up, we have one of our intrepid forum moderators Nicole who sewed this music class duet for two of her girls using the Music Class Blouse and Skirt.


Oliver + S Music Class Blouse and Skirt


Nicole is also the seamstress who made this adorable Jump Rope Dress in the View B version for one of her daughters. You can see the clever details of this dress in her blog post here.


Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress


Next up, Jeanne has sewn many Oliver + S school uniforms over the years. Here is a Hula Hoop Skirt she made.


Oliver + S Hula Hoop Skirt

Also sewn by Jeanne were this Seashore Sundress and Birthday Party Dress both of which became jumpers.


Oliver + S school uniform jumpers


Katy made a couple of Music Class Skirts as well as a Badminton Skort. Don’t they look cute all three of them lined up in a row?


Oliver + S Music Class and Badminton Skirts


Lastly, one final school skirt, but this times it’s a 2 Plus 2 Pleated Skirt also sewn by Katy (she talks about the details of this skirt here).


Oliver + S 2 Plus 2 Skirt


To be comfortable in the classroom as well as on the playground try turning the Playtime Leggings pattern into playground shorts to wear under skirts, dresses, and jumpers to make them playground friendly.

Don’t forget to have fun when sewing school uniforms by adding sneaky trims, facings, linings, or interior pockets. Those hidden details make them unique and extra special.

Happy school year!


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  1. TMM

    These are very clever!

  2. Aww, thank you Rachel. We love our ‘sneaky’ school uniforms.

  3. We love the Music Class pattern for school uniform! Come winter term the skirt is just perfect for carrying a sniffle tissue conveniently all day. Thanks Rachel for including my skirts.

  4. jo

    I used the roller skate dress to make five red gingham school dress’s for my daughter. I used some amazing organic 100% cotton, in two different sized checks. My reasoning behind doing it is the desire for company’s to pump anti crease and stain chemicals at shop bought dresss terrible stuff. The dresss where so easy to make and she started her first year at school looking so smart.

  5. Cassie

    I used the music box jumper pattern (version A) to make school pinafores for my daughters. They have washed and worn really well, and they love their “secret” facings. (One is spotty and the other gingham!)

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