and now, america, it’s your turn

Back in November, I announced that our newest Lisette fabric collection was available at Spotlight stores in Australia, New Zealand, and (we found out later) Singapore. At that time I promised those of you in the United States that your turn would be arriving soon. Well, that time has finally come.


Lisette Spring 2014 fabric for Jo-Ann stores


The Spring 2014 Lisette collection is now making its way onto shelves at Jo-Ann stores across the country. I hope you’ll feel like it was worth the wait.

This collection features a tight assortment of fun prints for your spring and summer sewing. The base fabrics include some of the ones you’ve loved in the past: poplin, lawn, and sateen, along with twill, voile, and a really great polka-dot printed chambray. In addition, we’ve added a number of textured fabrics to this collection. There are several piques as well as a beautiful eyelet and a jacquard mesh. I bet you’ll come up with all sorts of fun things to do with these new fabrics.

And while the collection focuses mostly on more traditional prints, we have included four fun novelty prints (all on poplin) in the line.

Lisette novelty prints for spring 2014 at Jo-Ann stores

You can see complete details on the collection (including large images of each print) in the fabric section of the Lisette website. If you’re planning to rush out to do some shopping, there’s one thing to note. Availability of prints may vary by store, so you might want to call your local store to see what they have in stock before making a trip there. The complete collection is, though, available online at




  1. Melanie

    I look forward to seeing these in the stores! That new dress pattern looks pretty sweet too! Is the jacket included? I hope so, it looks just like something I pinned from Anthropologie.

  2. Oooh! love these fabrics. The teal eyelet has my name written all over it. Do you know if that will bee in Joanns as well?

    1. Deepika, yes it will be. It may not be in all stores, so if you local store doesn’t have it ask them which store nearby might. Alternately, it is available right now on the Jo-Ann website.

  3. Heidi

    Love the blue colourway!

  4. Joslyn

    I would love to request a posting on the different types of fabric in your new line and for what sort of clothing they would be best. I have no idea the difference between lawn, poplin, etc. All I really use is quilting cotton!

    1. Joslyn, that’s a great idea! I’ll add that to my blog post list to tackle over the next few weeks. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Jennifer

    I love the dot chambray! I have been looking for something like that.

  6. Masha

    I love the chambray and feel like it’s going to be a hot seller … maybe I should order mine now! The plaid pique looks cute too but I am not sure exactly what pique is and I am nowhere near a Joanns!

  7. Jennu

    I am excited by the pique. It is so hard to find a fun pique knit.

  8. The cupcake fabric goes so well with the ice cream print from last year. My girls will swoon over that one!

  9. Very pretty! Now, how can I justify buying more fabric??

  10. Oh my! I might have to go back on my word and cross the craft store’s doorsteps to purchase a piece or two. I love the blue colorways!!!

  11. Leah Z

    With my 50% coupon, I went with my 6 yo daughter to JoAnns. I thought that she might like a lazy days skirt out of the eyelet…and maybe I would make myself a everyday skirt out of the same material. Nope, she wants a dress for her and her doll out of the big blue and turquoise diamonds. Its better for she and I not to match, really it is. I love that eyelet and will be making myself a skirt from it.

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