an all-you-can-eat craft buffet, for under $10

Did you hear the exciting news announced last week? Because of the support of creative people like you, the Creativebug community continues grow. And, as a result, Creativebug is lowering its pricing. You can now subscribe to Creativebug for just $9.95 per month.

Creativebug for $9.95

For less than $10 a month you can binge on over 200 (and counting) great video workshops that span different craft media–from sewing to knitting to papercraft to jewelry making. Creativebug even offers a slick mobile app that lets you download workshops to watch on your mobile device when you’re not connected to the internet. And you can start with a free trial.

We’ve recently added a page to our shop section specifically for Liesl’s Creativebug workshops. You can pop over there to see what’s available from her with an unlimited Creativebug subscription. Ready to join? You can click here to sign up.



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