australia, this collection is for you! (sorry, everyone else)

I get the sense from some of my friends living in Australia that those of you Down Under often feel left out when it comes to fabric availability. Is that correct?




Well, I’m here to tell you that things are changing! We’ve got a really fun collection of Lisette prints that are arriving in Spotlight stores now that’s exclusive to Australia! Many of these prints and colorways will only be available in Australia–particularly the cameo print that’s already getting a lot of attention from those of you who have already seen previews of the collection. It won’t be coming to the U.S., folks, so grab it while you can! Base fabrics include poplin and our much-loved cotton lawn. Our favorite watercolor in sateen may still be available, too, if you can still find it.

And by the way, that cameo print is surprisingly versatile. Shorts, anyone?




And while it’s not quite in stores yet, you’ll also be seeing a collection of Lisette prints on twill arriving in the next couple weeks. I love this quality because it’s substantial enough to work really well for jackets, skirts, pants, and even home decor but is also lightweight and drapey enough to be used for some dress and tunic styles. I’m told these fabrics are on their way to stores now, so watch for them, too.




And for those of you in the U.S., don’t despair! We’ll have a new collection of Lisette fabrics coming to JoAnn stores in early January, too. The U.S. collection will be mostly different prints and fabrications than these. So it might be time to find yourself a friend and arrange a little international shipping trade? I’m just saying.

(I can already anticipate your next question, so let me address that, too: Yes, there will be a new Lisette sewing pattern as well. I’m not sure of the exact availability date yet, but I’ll keep you posted as I learn the details. I think you’re really going to like it!)




  1. Jenny

    OH NO!! I need an Australian friend! OMG. I saw that cameo in Flickr and promptly went to Jo-Ann’s. Yes I did! And those adorable plaids!

  2. Masha

    Oh, sad. I hope we will be seeing some of these pop up on Etsy … I need that yellow cameo!

  3. anna

    yessssss! i’m halfway through making a skirt with lisette fabric (i’m having a moment with the facing. ugh.) with TWO more to go. they’re such beautiful fabrics. incidentally, i didn’t realise at the time i bought said lisette fabrics that lisette and oliver and s come from the same source, and i’d just discovered your blog. such happy coincidences.

  4. Jennifer Hill

    These fabrics are gorgeous! I particularly love the watercoloury one (3rd down). But what about us in the UK?? Not sure how I’d get fabrics from Australia, but I’ve ordered from the US before and the customs duty was prohibitve. I spent about £75 and the duty was £30. More the the postage I think. Jen.

  5. Jane

    Whose up for a trade? I NEED some of this fabric! 😉 I can’t even decide which I like best.

  6. What a treat, Liesl! You’re awesome, and I know some friends who are already loving it!

  7. Jeanette

    What about little old New Zealand? Will the fabric be available in Spotlight stores here?

    1. I think so Jeanette, but I’m not 100% sure. Why don’t you stop by our local Spotlight and see. Let us know what you find! New Zealand is a little far for us to pop into a store to check for ourselves….

  8. WOW. I love the colors. so vibrant.

  9. Yes – it is available in New Zealand – in fact I brought a metre of the blue print with fans (?) on it well over a month ago (see I’m sure I also saw the cameo print when I was in Spotlight ten days ago, as well as some of the pinks. Yeah!

  10. Sherry

    Hi, I live in the land down under and am happy to help, love shopping. We have 2 spotlight stores in our area, I will check them out and post what they have and cost etc. I don’t know about putting email addresses up for the world to see, if anyone knows how to do this safely let me know and we will see what we can do.

  11. Jenny

    Sherry If you are on flickr, put your flickr name up here, and we can pm you via flickr.

    Is that a viable suggestion?

  12. YAYAYAY!! I actually saw this fabric in my local spotlight catalog!! Its nice to be remembered. There is 30% off all fabric now too!! I to head down and get some!!

    ***IF anyone MUST have some fabric, I more than happy to post. Just click my name, visit my blog and email me via the contact me page***have *

    Please though, as I live in the countryside, spotlight is 45 mins away, and if you want some please contact me soonish so i dont have to make too many trips.


  13. The postage is the kicker. My advice is to leave the post pack unsealed UNTIL it has been weighed.

    I have paid an extra $10 postage for being 100 grams over. Grab an international postage guide.
    Interestingly, its not so dear to post to the UK….Katy, Catherine?

    I love the big ‘cabbage roses’ print, I did not see that one!

  14. Tamara

    Just for us??? Oh wow! This is so exciting!

  15. yes I have done that one too. Leaving the bag open is a very good idea. I would rather be a fat quarter short, and pay 15 less on postage!
    P.S I shouldve mentioned I would post anywhere. Dont mind.

  16. Karen

    Awesome, thank you!!!!

  17. Just beautiful fabrics! I know we are lucky to live in Australia, but now I feel extra lucky! Off to Spotlight at lunchtime for a peek

  18. Sherry

    Jenny, I’m not on flicker so here goes with the address,

    Probably heading to the shops tomorrow. The rain is torrential at the moment, last few weeks bush fires, crazy weather (at least the fires will finally be out)

  19. Shellflake

    It is so depressing seeing so many gorgeous fabrics time and time again and never being able to get your hands on them without remortgaging the house to pay for postage from the U.S, I’ve ordered fabric before and the postage cost has been $100 for $20 of fabric!!! Needless to say I didn’t complete the order.

    It’s very expensive to buy nice fabric here, it is often around $25+ for a designer cotton!! So sewing your own clothes is just really a luxury hobby, and it’s much cheaper to buy from the shops which is sad 🙁

    Thanks for thinking of us, it’s appreciated 🙂

  20. raralee

    I see so many fabrics online that are from us or uk and though they are cheaper than here the postage is the killer. I hate when you go to spotlight and they only have a few of the range. There is only one spotlight in hobart and it is hopeless. The next one is 2 1/2 hours away in Launceston. Are they available at spotlight online? I agree with shellflake that sewing your own clothes is no longer a cheap option.

  21. My Husband was just telling me that Austraila is the happiest country on earth and now I know why! The new fabrics looks fantastic. I’m on pins and needles about the new pattern!

  22. Awesome news!!!!!
    I can’t wait to get my hands on some 🙂 Thanks for thinking of us. We have such a narrow range of options most of the time.

  23. Lisa

    I just purchased the pink & orange clover poplin (2nd from the top). It’s the cutest and I have already cut into it for a puppet show dress.

    My local spotlight has plenty in the range including the cameo’s, not sure how long it’s going to last. (I didn’t see any of the very florally fabric). Shipping for 1 metre of fabric to US might be around the $10 – $15 mark.

    Happy to post to a needy fabric friend in the US. My flikr name is: misscavalla

  24. The cameo print is cute!! and I love the arrow theme fabrics 🙂

  25. Jane

    Thanks Liesl the fabrics look awesome and make us feel a bit special here down under – we spend our lives playing fashion catch up with US and Europe with our opposite seasons so we really appreciate a head start this time around. Can’t wait to build on my stash, Spotlight here I come!!

  26. WOW thanks for sharing with us this gorgeous fabric. Happy to help with any overseas orders if needed. Sometimes having a ‘fabric friend’ in the states could be useful….. Love the fabric, the colours BUT dont think I’d get my husband into shorts…..

  27. How exciting! Please let us know when the next collection is available in the US.

  28. Kate

    Okay – Who in Australia wants to fabric swap?

    I’ve got lisette patterns, and fabric that I can swap.


  29. Yay! So excited …. happy to do a fabric – fabric swap with someone!!! Whoo hooo … thank you thank you

  30. Elizbeth

    And here in Spotlight Singapore too – Thank you!

  31. Gayle

    What about the UK!?! We would love the fabric toooooo!!!!!!

    1. And we would love to have it available in the UK, too! Not sure there’s the right outlet for it there, though.

  32. Leah

    Oh thank you! Hooray us Aussie’s have not been left out.

  33. Bella Field

    What is the fibre content of the blue and green clover fabric

  34. Bella, I am pretty sure they are all 100% cotton.

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