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Wow, you’re really sewing up the new Liesl and Co. patterns! The new Flickr group has been busy, busy, and everything looks great! Thank you for sharing your photos. It’s inspiring to see different versions of the patterns in a variety of fabrics, isn’t it?


Flickr Group


Since you’ve been asking about fabrics for the new patterns, I sourced a few options for you last Friday while running errands in the garment center. These are fabrics you can order from the shops themselves, which isn’t always easy with NYC fabric stores. This is a small sampling of options, and I’ll have another post with lots more options from the folks at Mood Fabrics soon, too, so stay tuned.

For the Woodland Stroll Cape:




All of these swatches are from B&J Fabrics and can be ordered via their website with the exception of a few that you need to call to order, since they aren’t available on-line, as noted below.

  • red/orange virgin wool coating, $52.95/yard, B&J item 740346202, color #468
  • brick red virgin wool coating, $52.95/yard, B&J item 740346202, color #470
  • dark navy wool and cashmere, $42.95/yard, 58″ width, item #TM1717, call Tony at B&J to order: 212.354.8150
  • pink wool melton, $42.95/yard, B&J item 740424202, color #552

All these qualities are so soft and luxurious, and while the prices may seem a little intimidating at first glance, keep in mind that you don’t need very much for the cape.

For the Weekend Getaway Blouse + Dress:



These fabrics are also from B&J Fabrics and can be ordered via their website with the exception of a few that you need to call to order, since they aren’t available on-line, as noted below.

  • polka dot wool challis, $24.95/yard, B&J item 740708202 (This one has a beautiful drape and hand and would be such a pleasure to wear. For winter, what about adding the three-quarter sleeves to the Weekend Getaway Blouse? It would make a great dress, too. )
  • Pink and red viscose batiste (this quality also comes in navy, turquoise, white, dark brown and black), $14.95/yard, 57″ width, item #TM1719 call Tony at B&J to order: 212.354.8150 (This rayon is the same quality we used for the color-blocked version of the Weekend Getaway Dress. It feels great, drapes beautifully, and is very reasonably priced.)

For the Late Lunch Tunic:




I really like the fabrics at Gray Lines Linen, but their customer service and website are seriously lacking, which is a shame because they have a nice selection and great prices. I chose these three fabrics as options for the tunic, and if you call they should be able to give you pricing and take your order. (These fabrics aren’t available on their website.) Most of these fabrics run around $10/yard. You can reach them at 212.391.4130.

  • dark indigo linen, Gray Lines Linen, item 2009 YD #124
  • navy/white gingham voile, Gray Lines Linen
  • open-weave natural linen, Gray Lines Linen, dobby YD #065 (This would be so cute for summer with a bright tank or cami underneath! It also comes in white.)

For the Everyday Skirt:

The polka dot challis from B&J, in the second photo, and the dark indigo linen from Gray Lines, in the third photo, would both work equally well for this pattern.

I’ll have lots more options for all these patterns in a day or two, so stay tuned!




  1. Melanie

    This is fantastic! New patterns and Liesl as a personal shopper. What more could we ask for? I like the look of that polka dot challis for the skirt.

  2. Liesl, do you know any NYC shops that are good for organic cotton/fairly traded fabrics? I think they have a few organic cottons at Mood but not many.

  3. Nina, I’m going to look into that and get back to you. I seem to remember seeing some organic, but I’m not recalling where. Thanks for asking!

    Also, I don’t know if you noticed that Drygoods has quite a bit of organic?

  4. dianelyons

    Thanks so much for these posts about fabric. Only being really familiar with quilting cotton, I’m learning so much. I think it’s awesome that you’re supporting us learning sewists with such easy-to-follow, stylish patterns AND with all of this extra support in learning to choose the right fabric! You’re the best! I’m eager to finish my big work project so I can have the time to finally stitch up something. The skirt is first on my list, followed by the blouse (or maybe the tunic!).

  5. Jenny

    Holy Cannoli! I just looked at the flicker group. You must be so proud, Liesl!

    Look at the ladies showing off their creations, on their own bodies! They must feel good about themselves in their new clothes to “show off.”

    Yay, everyone! You are inspiring me.

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