tool tuesday: thread snips

Thread snips are one of those rare items I buy in bulk. I keep a jar of them (I’m not kidding) next to the sewing machine because I can never find a scissors when I need one. (And I suspect you’ve been in this situation too, right?) They’re basic thread snips, nothing fancy, but they do the job well, and I don’t feel bad if I’ve already misplaced six pair that day; I just grab another one without taking the time to look for its buddies. They’ll show up later when I’m cleaning.

thread snips

These are a simple, ingenious little tool that makes quick work of clipping the threads at the end of a seam or for removing stray threads from your finished sewing projects. They’re also useful for clipping into seam allowances on light- to medium-weight fabrics, and for marking notches. (I usually mark my notches with just a little clip at the location of the notch. Do you do that too?)

We’ve added these¬†thread snips to the shop, for your sewing tool kit.

And I just went and counted. There are seven thread snips in the jar by the sewing machine today. Obviously I haven’t started my sewing yet!



  1. karen

    I saw these in the supplies page last week and put them on my wish list for Mother’s Day. I hope he remembers to order them!

  2. Brenda

    I just recently bought an inexpensive little scissors that I keep beside my machine for snipping thread and clipping curves and corners. But it turns out my children like it as much as I do, it seems it is never where it’s supposed to be. I like the idea of a jar full of them.

  3. Kendra C

    I’m the same way with reading glasses! I must have at least a dozen pair, but I can never find a pair when I need to thread my machine!

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