a little fringe never hurt anyone

I suspect that my reputation around here is pretty tightly restricted to sewing, patternmaking, and textiles because that’s how I spend most of my time these days. But before starting Oliver + S I spent a lot of time doing all sorts of crafting like knitting, jewelry making, embroidery, and even soapmaking. Like a lot of crafters, I enjoy making all sorts of projects. It just happens that my expertise lies in sewing. These days I’m trying to find time to do lots of different crafts with S because she loves to make things and is so interested in exploring different processes.

So when we started talking about filming more Creativebug workshops I thought that it would be fun to step out from behind the sewing machine for a bit and do some easy and fun projects for sewists and non-sewists alike. Tassels seemed like a good start because anyone can make them and they’re such a great little detail to add to all sorts of projects.


Pink Tassel Necklace


For my latest Creativebug workshop, I wanted to focus on making a tassel necklace because it’s a simple, fun project. And because I get loads of compliments every time I wear one of mine.


Red Tassel Necklace


If you watch the introduction you’ll hear me explain that there are two ways to make the necklace, and one of those methods is also great for attaching tassel to other projects. In the workshop I show how to attach a tassel to the corner of a dinner napkin, and of course they’d be great on decorative pillows or on apparel as well.

But hey, why stop there? How about tassel earrings?


Tassel Earring


I used a jump ring to attach the tassel to a French wire and then added a glass leaf for a little sparkle. Because these would be a festive addition to a holiday dress.


Tassel Earrings


And because you could add tassels to almost anything. A scarf, maybe? I’m planning to add them to a dress or top, as soon as I find time.

And, before I forget, I don’t think I’ve mentioned that the good folks at Creativebug have just released a series of free (yes, free!) workshops to help you make this a handcrafted holiday! These great new Creativebug workshops will help you do some fantastic, non-intimidating holiday crafting that will be sure to make your friends and loved ones smile. You can find the new, free workshops here. They’ll be up for the whole month of December.




  1. mel

    Adorable, Liesl! You never cease to amaze.

  2. Tamara

    This is fantastic! Great idea to do with the children over our Australian summer holidays. Thank you Liesl for the inspiration.

  3. aw these are so cute! love the little tassles. fun pop of color! 🙂

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