oliver + s singles: new digital patterns available

I’m so excited to announce that today we’re releasing the first two items in a new line of Oliver + S patterns that we’re calling “Oliver + S Singles.”

Oliver + S Singles are digital-only patterns that allow you to make some seriously cute separates. They’re fun and easy to sew and don’t take a lot of time–which makes them perfect for getting you summer sewing groove on. And, best of all, Oliver + S Singles are priced at a bargain $9.95.

We plan to release new items in this line every so often, in between our major Spring and Fall paper pattern releases.

All the Oliver + S Singles feature innovative design ideas that let you make really fun items that have a little twist. Take a look at our first two styles to see what we mean.


New Styles for Summer 2012


The Firefly Jacket sewing patterns allows you to make a reversible jacket that has an easy, relaxed gently flared shape with your choice of two kimono sleeve options. The jacket uses an innovative single pattern piece which means, of course, that there is no sleeve to set in! And because the jacket is reversible, there are no seam allowances to finish. The clever details and unusual construction make it quick and easy to sew.

Here’s the jacket’s front side featuring a bright red linen that S selected for one side of her jacket.


Firefly Jacket Front


And here’s the back of the other side of her jacket, featuring a very bold print that she selected to coordinate with the more sedate solid on the other side.


Firefly Jacket Back


My favorite part of this jacket is the cute little pleat at the back that is trimmed with ribbon, which also makes a fun little locker loop for hanging the jacket.


Firefly Jacket Back


You can see more photos of this style and purchase a copy here.

Our second new style, the Hula Hoop Skirt, is a skirt with serious twirl power!  This flippy, fun, flouncy skirt is reversible as well, so it’s perfect for showing off two of your favorite fabrics.


Hula Hoop Skirt


The fabric on the opposite side of the skirt peeks out at the little pleated edges of the flounces, as you can see here. This lets you get creative with your fabric choices.


Hula Hoop Skirt


This pattern also does not require you to finish any seam allowances. Because the skirt is hemmed while you’re assembling it,  it’s very fast and fun to make.


Hula Hoop Skirt


More photos are available on the product page for this new pattern where you can also make your purchase.

Buy and instantly download one or both of these new styles to get some quick summer sewing done! And be sure to have fun with your fabric selections for these two reversible styles. We can’t wait to see what you do with them. Make sure to post photos of your finished projects to the Oliver + S Flickr group when you’re done. After all, we want to see what you did with your summer. And it’s way more fun than writing an essay on the first day of school.


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  1. Congratulations for this excellent idea and these two cute new patterns! You just nailed it. The details on the jacket are imposible to resist and the skirt will be my daughter fave skirt for years to come.
    Thank you!

  2. It´s me again. Today´s my birthday so I´vejust decided to get the two patterns right now as my birthday present… hooray for impulse buying!

  3. Sandi

    Liesl, these are ADORABLE. You just cost me twenty bucks! 😉

  4. Jenny

    You are a busy, busy woman. Beautiful work, as usual!

  5. Oh,they are so sweet!
    The jacket would make a lovely formal piece in silk for a wedding.

  6. Melanie

    Wow, that jacket is to die for cute! Only you could have come up with something so lovely and so simple all at once, Liesl! I foresee some other projects being pushed aside for this.

  7. Sama

    Oh these are soooo lovely. The little details make them so special. Are there any Singles planned for boys?

    1. Sama, the jacket is uni-sex and absolutely appropriate for boys. Go for it!

  8. Tamara

    How exciting to see singles! Liesl you are simply amazing! And as Nicole said the jacket would be fabulous as a potential formal piece. Such great designs that would be perfect for challenging a beginner as I have been informed by my nine year old she NEEDS to sew something. These would be perfect to sink her teeth into.

  9. Carrie

    Love, love, love them!!!

  10. As much as I prefer paper patterns to PDFs, I’m sure I won’t be able to resist these 2 new patterns for long!

  11. Liesl, you never stop working!!!! Thank you so much for these singles, I can’t wait to sew them. The skirt has exactly the shape my 4.5 year-old asked me this morning, before going to kindergarten. I’m sure she would be the happiest girl if she had one like this. And I definitly see a boy version of the jacket!

  12. Divine patterns Liesl. You have quite the young model there. She looks so cute in the red jacket. Love it.

  13. They both look really great! I love the Firefly Jacket that S picked out, so sophisticated 🙂

  14. Janet

    Do you have to enlarge the pattern pieces or do you stick them together. I’m not very good at enlarging patterns but I’m excellent at sticking pieces together 🙂

  15. Brynne

    I love that hula hoop skirt! I’m making a no-holds barred double print version for summer, then two slightly more subdued print/solid for preschool this year.

  16. Janet, you only need to stick them together, and we make it really easy. I’m not good at enlarging either, and we wouldn’t do that to you!

  17. Laurel

    These are fantastic!! Can’t wait to start sewing. I love the special details you always include in your patterns. And I love love love these photos of Miss S! they are wonderful!

  18. Dear Liesl, these are adorable! I am proud to say my PJ’s look great, will send you pix soon. We are doing a printed version of our magazine; may I put your website on our favorites list? Best, Grazie

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