lightning fast!

Some of you are speedy sewists! We’re already seeing a few of the new summer PDF styles show up in the Oliver + S Flickr group, and they’re looking really cute! If you need a little more inspiration, here are some photos of the styles sewn up by our pattern testers. I love how fabric choices can change the look of a pattern, and our testers demonstrated that nicely.

Remember S’s Firefly Jacket? Laura sewed it up for me, and here it is on her daughter before she shipped it to us. I love it on the older kids, and it’s cute with jeans.




It also looks great in lightweight denim with striped ribbon accents at the back. Johanna made this one, and I think it would qualify as dressy-casual, so it can be worn for a wide variety of occasions. Love it when that happens.



Isn’t this polka dot version cute? Johanna was busy and made this jacket, too. The black and white theme is pretty fabulous. The straight sleeves (View B) are rolled once to show the contrast fabric at the other side. (That’s how I wear my sleeves, too. It keeps them out of the way.)



And look how cute it is on the littlest kids! Melani made this one for a friend’s daughter. She’s wearing it here with the Hula Hoop skirt.



More Hula Hoop skirts, you ask? OK, twist my arm. Here is the same skirt, reversed.



Here’s is another Hula Hoop skirt, size 3, made by Katja with a Heather Ross for Spoonflower silly giant polka dot that Heather sent me a while ago.



Thanks, pattern testers! They’re charming, gracious, smart, excellent sewists, and they send me nice photos. What a great bunch!


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  1. Wendy

    I LOVE the firefly jacket – any chance of an adult version?

    1. Sorry Wendy. That’s probably not in the cards.

  2. what is the fabric name/designer in the topmost photo? it appears to be the same or similar fabric on the pattern shop site.

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