introducing the new seashore sundress sewing pattern for girls

This is a child’s dress that’s been in my head and in the pages of my sketchbooks for a while now, bouncing around while I played with a few different options for it.

It’s a children’s sundress, loosely based on our best-selling (and soon to go out of print) pattern the Tea Party Sundress. But it’s a sundress with some interesting twists and a different silhouette.

Seashore Sundress

This is a close-fitting dress. It’s a sundress, not a jumper. A jumper has extra room and lower armholes so you can fit a blouse or shirt underneath. This isn’t that jumper. It’s slim and flattering when worn alone as a sundress. I really dislike it when a sundress gapes under the arms, and this one doesn’t do that.

The Seashore Sundress features simple button straps that come to a gentle point at the ends. This interesting little detail makes the straps easier to sew and gives the finished garment a little more visual interest.

Seashore Sundress

It might be a little bit difficult to tell from these photos, but there is also a slight “V” at the front neck of the dress that echoes the gentle points at the end of the straps. It’s a simple solution to finish off the dress’s neckline, but I’ll be honest. This was one of the hardest details to finalize when I was designing the dress. I played with a large number of options for the neckline before settling on this one. This is the simplest and most elegant option of everything I tried. Much of the time, the simplest solutions are the hardest to find. They seem obvious in retrospect, but they’re anything but during the design process.

The dress has princess seams at the front and back. It also has a subtle drop-waisted silhouette with gentle gathers at the sides and back and a flat front to give it the slim and flattering fit I wanted it to have.

But my favorite feature of this pattern are the tiny little “treasure pockets” at the waist. I’ve been calling them treasure pockets because they’re smaller and positioned lower than a regular pocket. They’re not intended for hands. They’re intended for stashing the little pebbles and seashells that get picked up while spending a day the seashore.

Seashore Sundress

And if you don’t live anywhere near the ocean? That’s OK. I’m sure the little girl you sew for will find tiny treasures of how own to stash in the pockets of the Seashore Sundress that you make her.

Seashore Sundress

This pattern, as well as our other new spring styles, will be available for sale on our website starting next week. You’ll see copies of all these patterns showing up in your local fabric store shortly thereafter.




  1. Karen

    I love this and can’t wait to try it on my slender little girl. She swims in most dresses.

    Sooo, “showing up in your local fabric store” does this mean ANY local fabric store (i.e. Joann’s) or just the specialty quilt shops??

    1. Karen, Oliver + S patterns are, and will continue to be, available only at independent fabric stores.

  2. kelli

    OMG! That pocket is wonderful.

  3. The treasure pocket is perfect! I have to admit, I’d love one on a Lisette pattern. I probably wouldn’t collect shells or rocks though…..

  4. That pocket is inspired!

  5. mel

    No hands? Fine by my Niblet. So long as her rocks and berries will fit, we’re golden!

  6. I hope you intend to have this in larger sizes- my granddaughters are 6 and 7-perfect dress for an Australian summer- I can see them wearing these dresses every day-Yes, they love `multiple dresses!

  7. I really like the way you guys support independent businesses.

  8. DianeY

    I love this dress and am sure hoping a comes in bigger sizes! I need like 8 & 10

  9. colette

    so glad this will be available soon!

  10. I was so lucky to get to test this pattern. Can I just say it was so lovely to sew. The directions as usual were superb and my two year old loves her new dress. The pockets are perfect for stashing her little Squinkies (toys) in them!

  11. I do like the higher sleeve line.
    As a mother to pre teen girls they are a little more conscious of showing their bodies,and they will appreciate the lack of ‘gaping’.

  12. knitsewreadlove

    Oh gosh. I love them all!!! Now my dilemma is what size to order them in! My wee one is a 2t in O+S (most accurate sizing of any patterns I’ve sewn for her, btw. It’s obvious you’ve sewn for children Liesl; thank you!) do I just get the size group that fits her now (and her new sibling on the way), or do I get both sizes to plan for the future?! I swear, I’m obsessed with these patterns! :0)

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