a video introduction to City Weekend from Moda




  1. (conversation I had with SweetPea looking over my shoulder)

    Me: Look, honey, that’s Miss Liesl, S’s mommy!
    SP: (gasp) Are those giant paper dolls!!!??
    Me: Yes, that’s her sign.
    SP: Did Miss Liesl design those? (yes, she really asked that)
    Me: Yes, (chuckling) she did.
    SP: Mommy, she’s really nice. I like her.

    I really cannot wait to touch and feel the hand on those knits!
    I’m curious – on your solid wovens, are they the same quality/weave as the printed wovens? How do they compare with Kona?

  2. Tracy

    Wow! I’m so excited about the fabrics, especially the knits! It’s difficult to find a good knit. Have these collections been released?

  3. April, we used Moda’s Bella solids for the Sketchbook shorts. It’s a heavier weight than City Weekend–more comparable to Kona cotton, I would say. It comes in lots of great colors that coordinate well with City Weekend. I wasn’t aware that Moda made solid-colored cottons but think they’re a nice quality.

    And Tracy, the fabrics will be available in September but stores are placing their orders now. I encourage you to mention the collection at your favorite fabric stores–we want to be sure the buyers know it’s available and place their orders in time to have enough fabric printed. I’m glad you like them!

  4. Okay – one more question (not on regular computer to e-mail you): are the solid small dots somewhat assymetrical or symmetrical? I can’t quite tell from the Moda swatch on their website.

  5. Do you know whether you will sell these fabrics in Australia? They look so beautiful, not generally a t-shirt fan, but your interlock looks very special !

  6. I can’t wait. How long will the fabrics be available?

  7. Patty

    Are you guys going to sell this fabrics on your website? Do you think The Pink Chalk or Fabric.com or any of this online stores will have them available?

    I just ordered six patterns from you, and I can’t wait to do more stuff. I think I have bought every pattern in every size, and at my local fabric store they have the patterns but I already bought everything, that’s why I had to buy this ones online.
    I love your work and I love the clothes, they are just perfect!
    I’m thankful to you to share this with everbody, because of your patterns I picked up sewing again and I have learned to make new things that I have never done in my life.

    Good luck with your career and keep making more patterns because I will be buying them all again!

  8. Thanks for all the comments, everyone. April, the dot is asymetrical so it works really nicely when cut as bias strips. It’s not perfectly even, so you can actually see a variety of dots (rather than a single row) when you use it as a bias strip. The setting works nicely for all sorts of purposes, which is why I like it.

    Motherof5, Moda has a wonderful Australian sales rep who has just returned to the country and will be promoting the fabrics, so I do think they will be available. Can’t hurt to mention the collection at your favorite shops, however…

    Madebymum, most fabric manufacturers do a single printing of a collection to fill the demands of the market, so in July Moda will include the total ordered quantity in the printing of the fabric. Once the fabric is printed, that’s it. When it sells out, it’s gone forever. That’s why it’s important that shops order now–later on, they may not be able to get it.

    And Patty, we’ve discussed selling the fabrics on our website but have decided to leave this to the experts. I know that several big online retailers have purchased the entire collection, so it will be available. We’ll just have to wait and see how quickly it sells!

  9. Oh! That’s brilliant (regarding bias dots) – I like that line-of-thinking as well. I’m glad you explained because that makes perfect sense.

  10. Thanks for the quick response, Will do ! ( Promote the line ,that is )

  11. emily

    I really love the colors- and so many suitable for my boy (and my girls, of course!) I am so intrigued by the interlock knit- have you any idea how much per yard?

    Amazing stuff Liesl (and you are so darn cute in the video!) 🙂

  12. Emily, I’m glad you like it. Yes, I wanted to make some of the patterns and colors appropriate for boys, too, so I’m glad you think it works.

    My understanding is that the interlock will be priced at $15/yard retail. It’s 60″ wide, very substantial (a Korean quality rather than the thinner Chinese interlock), and has a low shrinkage rate (most interlock shrinks quite a bit–this one shrinks about 5-8%). Lots of things to love about it!

  13. emily

    Thanks Liesl! Sounds so wonderful. 🙂

  14. Tracy

    In your video you indicate that the pajamas and the sailboat top make up nicely in knits. Would any of your other patterns work well for this type of application? Do you have any sewing tips or pattern changes when constructing garments from patterns that were developed for non-knit fabrics?

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