Oliver + S

boutique sewer program

Program Discontinued

As of May 1 2015, Oliver + S has discontinued its Boutique Sewer Program.

You may feel free to use our patterns to make and sell items for charitable purposes, where 100% of the proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations. We respectfully ask that you not use our patterns to make and sell items for personal profit.

The following information pertains to licenses purchased prior to May 2015.

Information for Licenses Purchased Prior to May 2015

Oliver + S patterns are created for people who love to sew. But what about those who don't sew or who don't have the time to make garments from our patterns?

So that our designs can be enjoyed by everyone, Oliver + S is pleased to provide home sewers who want to make and sell individual, handcrafted garments from our patterns the opportunity to do so through our Boutique Sewer Program. This program operates exclusively through the Oliver + S website.

For boutique sewers who wish to participate in the program, purchasing a license on the website grants the right to sell one garment made from an Oliver + S pattern and the right to use our registered trademark in marketing the item. With each license purchased, Oliver + S will provide a tag to be sewn into the finished garment. Boutique sewers can purchase additional licenses for each garment that they wish to sell.

By purchasing a license, the boutique sewer agrees to adhere to the terms of the program and to sew the tag into the finished garment. The tag should be placed at the inside back of the garment (the neckline or waistband), or sewn into a facing or side seam if necessary. If the garment is being sold on-line, a photo of the tag should be included with the item's description.

For more information on the program see our boutique faq page.