Oliver + S

boutique sewer program


By participating in the Boutique Sewer Program, you expressly consent to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

Limited License

You shall use Liesl + Co. patterns only for the purpose of participating in the Boutique Sewer Program as it is described. Nothing in this agreement shall be deemed, by implication or otherwise, to grant you an unlimited license or any other proprietary or licensing interest in Liesl + Co. patterns.

Use of License Tag

You will sew one license tag into each garment offered for sale. The tag must be placed at the inside back of the garment (the neckline or waistband), or sewn into a facing or side seam if necessary. If the garment is being sold on-line, a photo of the tag must be included with the item's description.

Acknowledgement of Intellectual Property

You hereby acknowledge that Liesl + Co. owns all right, title and interest to the intellectual property of the patterns whether in the form of a copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, or any other form of intellectual property.

Unauthorized Copies

Except as allowed under this program, you shall not (and shall not permit or assist others to) copy, sell, transfer, publish, distribute, transmit, or permit access to the patterns (by electronic or other means).

No Liability

You acknowledge and agree that Liesl + Co., Inc., its affiliates and staff will have no liability in connection with or arising from your use of the patterns whether in contract, warranty, tort (including negligence), product liability or any other form of liability.


This Agreement, and any of the rights and/or obligations under it, cannot be assigned or delegated by you. Any attempted action is prohibited and, if attempted, shall be void and of no effect whatsoever.

No Modification

This agreement cannot be modified unless in writing executed by Liesl + Co., Inc.


By adding a license/label to your shopping bag on the Oliver + S website you expressly acknowledge that you have read this agreement and understand the rights, obligation, terms and conditions set forth in it.