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boutique sewer program

Program Discontinued

As of May 1 2015, Oliver + S has discontinued its Boutique Sewer Program.

You may feel free to use our patterns to make and sell items for charitable purposes, where 100% of the proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations. We respectfully ask that you not use our patterns to make and sell items for personal profit.

The following frequently asked questions were related to the program as it existed from 2008-2015.

About the Program

What is a boutique sewer?

A boutique sewer is someone who sews a small number of garments in order to sell them for personal profit. Boutique sewers create unique, handcrafted garments and never manufacture in large numbers. Boutique sewers typically sell their garments to friends, through quilt shops, and on-line.

Why did you launch this program for boutique sewers?

We wanted to find a way to support the community of boutique sewers and help them make use of our patterns in a way that protects our intellectual property rights.

Most pattern publishers categorically deny anyone the right to sell items made from their designs. We, however, realize that there is a large community of boutique sewers who would like to use our patterns, and we want to support this group for a couple reasons. First, boutique sewers appreciate quality garments and enjoy the process of making unique items by hand. That's what Oliver + S is all about. Second, Oliver + S garments made by boutique sewers will likely be bought by people who don't sew. We like the idea that through the work of boutique sewers our designs can be enjoyed by people who wouldn't ordinarily buy one of our patterns.

Program Details

I plan to sew an item for a charity auction at my child's school. Do I need a license?

We are happy when people sew from our patterns to raise funds for charitable purposes. If all proceeds from your work are going to a nonprofit organization, you do not need to purchase a license. Licenses are only needed if you are sewing one of our garments and selling it for personal profit. If you have questions about your specific case, please contact us.

I own a manufacturing company. Can I participate in the program?

The Boutique Sewer Program is designed for individuals who want to create and sell a small number of unique garments. If you are interested in licensing our designs for mass production, please contact us.

How do I register for the program?

No special registration is required. Purchasing a license through the website automatically enrolls you in the program.

How do I purchase a license?

Visit the Shop section of our website and add one license to your shopping bag. On the shopping bag page, you may increase the number of licenses if you wish. You may also go to the patterns section of the website to add copies of our patterns to the same order.

How much does a license cost?

Each license costs $6.00.

What about shipping and handling?

Oliver + S does not charge shipping and handling for licenses shipping to addresses in the United States. There is a nominal shipping charge for licenses shipping outside the United States. This charge is waived if licenses are shipped with other items.

What do I agree to do by participating in the program?

By purchasing a license, you agree to do two things:

1. You will sell only the number of garments that you have licensed and

2. You will sew the Oliver + S licensing tag into the neckline, waistband, side seam, or other suitable location in the garment.

OK, make that three things. If you sell a garment on-line, you should include a photograph of the label (as it is sewn into the garment) with your listing.

In principle, it's that simple. Our lawyer, as they tend to do, drafted some official terms that we've included on the website. You should review them and print a copy for your records before you purchase a license.

Do I need to purchase multiple copies of a pattern to make more than one garment for sale?

No, you do not. You may make more than one garment from a single copy of a pattern, but you should purchase a separate license for each garment you sell.


What is copyright, and why are patterns copyrighted?

Copyright provides legal protection for the creators of intellectual property, ensuring that others do not profit unfairly from their work. Most pattern designers, including Oliver + S, copyright their patterns.

What is a license?

Copyright holders are able to sell the right to use their work for profit by issuing licenses. A license gives another individual or organization the right to use a piece of copyrighted material in a way that, in the absence of the license, would constitute an infringement of the owner's copyright.

What are the terms of the Oliver + S Boutique Sewer Program's license?

Boutique sewers who purchase a license through the Program are granted the right to produce and sell one garment. Inclusion of the Oliver + S tag in the finished garment signifies that the garment has been made under a license granted by the pattern's copyright holder.

Complete details of the terms are available on our website.