asmita conquers darts

Asmita is back to tell us how she conquered her fear of sewing darts with the Kyoto dress pattern.

If you, like me, are secretly a little scared of darts, the Kyoto dress pattern is for you. In total the dress requires you to sew six darts: bust darts in the front bodice, waist darts in the front skirt as well as back darts. If there is ever a garment that will help you get better at making darts, the Kyoto dress is it!

Sizing: given my current measurements (HB 35, W 34, H 41.5) I decided to make a size 8 graded out to a 10 at the hips. 

side view of woman wearing short-sleeved floral dress and front view

I have sewn gathers in dresses but noticed that a dart (in place of gathers or pleats) gives me the feeling of sewing a more grown-up dress. I was initially terrified of sewing so many darts and had to do a few practice runs. While I have sewn bust darts that end in the side seam, I had never sewn darts with legs in the waist seam. As it turns out, these are much easier to sew and manipulate depending on the bust apex position. The back darts were entirely new for me too.

waist view of floral dress back darks

In short, the Kyoto dress is a dress that looks like it could be difficult to sew but isn’t. The darts bring to the style an elegance that I really love. I had thought that this would be a dress that I would want to wear with leggings for formal occasions but as it turns out it is a dress to wear to any occasion (including an informal Christmas celebration!) 

woman seated in leather arm chair wearing floral short sleeve dress

The fabric I chose this time is a lightweight cotton with kantha running stitch. I love how the bold print contrasts with the delicate stitch. I am planning the next one in a slightly heavier indigo cotton. Maybe that one will be for formal occasions while I reserve this for a day at the beach or a casual party. 

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  1. Diane

    Asmita, Your dress looks absolutely lovely! I love the green and dark pink floral print; it adds so much to the pattern. You did a great job fitting the dress. Thanks for sharing. I am now looking forward to sewing up the Kyoto!

    1. Thank you Diane for leaving a comment. I think its nice when all the work done fitting the dress pays off. There are still a few creases that I would like to get rid off, but I am happy with the way it looks. I hope you have success with your dress too. It really is easier than it looks! Good luck.

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