antwerp and amarena by mire

Today Mire joins us to share what she’s made from the fall 2023 pattern line.

amarena dress
I decided to sew view A of the Amarena dress. But instead of welt pockets, I used the side pockets from View B. My measurements put me in at size 6, so I made that size without any modifications. I used drapey tencel from my stash, which was a good choice for the dress. The dress was quick and easy to sew. The collar took some time, but Liesl has written good instructions. editor’s note: we get this comment a lot.  Liesl writes such clear and easy-to-follow instructions. 

woman with short hair and sunglasses wears a pink long-sleeved t shirt with a navy v-neck, short-sleeved dress on top

I really like the result! This is a great all-year dress. I love making clothes that are good layering pieces I can wear in every season. In autumn I wear a T-shirt underneath the dress, and in winter I add a cardigan to keep me warm. The dress fits me well. But when I am wearing a T-shirt under the dress, it feels just a little bit too tight on the back. So I will add some room in my next one to wear it also as a layering piece.

antwerp pullover
I planned to make an Antwerp pullover for myself using gray wool flannel, but my teenage daughter fell in love with the Antwerp pullover and asked if I could sew one for her. She didn’t like my fabric choice and instead chose a blue pleated ponte from my stash. I used jersey to line the hood. The pullover has a nice shape.

teenaged girl wears a hooded gray pullover with a v-neck collar and button sides.

In the end, I was surprised at how it turned out. I would never have chosen Ponte for this pullover, but it looks great! I must admit that my daughter’s fabric choice was a good one.


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  1. Roxy Darling

    Hullo there,
    A friend and I were looking at the Antwerp pullover that you made for your daughter and we LOVE that fabric-we immediately searched all over the internet for something like it, but couldn’t find anything even close-do you remember where or how you came by it (we understand the ‘stash’ thing!) also, is it a cotton-y sort of fabric, or a poly something or other…? It is very interesting with the irregularity of the ‘ridges’ although we did see that it actually does have a repeat to the irregular pleats. Very ‘artsy’ looking and we would love to source some if we can. Thanks for any help you might be able to offer. Roxy and Susan

  2. Nancy Pultorak

    I’m making this with the hood, the pattern pieces for the hood say cut 4 but the layout only shows 2. Do I need additional fabric for the second set of pieces?

    1. Oh, you’re absolutely right! Thanks for pointing that out, and my apologies for the mistake. You should still be able to fit the extra pieces within the same amount of fabric. I’ve adjusted the cutting layout a bit and there is room for them.

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