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Today your weekend links are presented by me, Sinclaire, formally known as the S from Oliver + S. I’m so excited to be doing this, so let’s go!

My mom inspired me a while ago to start doing something similar to weekend links on Instagram. One of the less-known and kind of hidden features that Instagram offers is called “guides.” You can save photos you like from you favorite accounts and then make a little blog post in Instagram with them. I’ve done it a couple times and I think it’s super fun, but nothing compares to the famous weekend links over here.

Now, if you know me, you know I’m obsessed with Pinterest. I love to make mood boards for different parts of the year: the start of school, Christmas, summer, etc. I love having a little collage as my computer wallpaper.

So with this, I consider myself more than ready to host.

I have to admit, there probably won’t be as much fashion in this week’s weekend links as there usually is, but I promise to be very entertaining.

Pinterest Picks

It’s been very cold in Madrid lately and I’m counting the days left until spring. In the meantime I’m loving these PJs with little hearts on them. They remind me of the Lisette pattern that my mom used to make me some pajamas a while ago. They’re perfect for that in-between weather.

In Spain, it’s a tradition to go on a vacation with your friends after you finish your last year of high school. My friends and I are planning to go to Greece at the end of June to live out our Mamma Mia dreams, and I am very much already thinking about outfits.

I’ve had my eye on these super cute earrings for a while. I love anything heart shaped, and these are just so pretty.

And last, but not least to conclude my Pinterest picks, is this beautiful room inspiration I’m definitely going to be referencing next year at college.



  • I’ve been teaching my friends the past couple years what Rick Rolling is. I never knew how to explain it until now. This article is super interesting!
  • My mom, who only falls asleep while listening to something, has gotten me started on podcasts. The Dear Hank and John podcast is one of my favorites. You might be familiar with John Green, author of “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Looking for Alaska,” and Hank Green, his science-y brother. They have a weekly podcast where they answer questions from their readers on everything from soccer to Mars. Plus, they start each episode with a horrible dad joke.
  • My dad introduced this website to me the other day to use when someone (e.g., my mother) asks me a question she could very much look up herself.
  • And finally, here’s a song I’ve been loving this week!

Thanks for reading my weekend links,





  1. Susan

    Thanks Sinclaire — that was fun!!

  2. Andrea S.

    Bravo, Sinclaire! Looking forward to reading more weekend links from you! (and thank you for explaining Rickrolling)

  3. Ava

    Love the new perspective!

  4. Diane Lyons

    Fabulous post Sinclair! You’ve got a great eye for design and a terrific sense of humor! Two thumbs up

    1. Thank you!!

  5. Jw

    Haha–you got me!

  6. Kari

    Hey Sinclaire! Lovely share! If you’re getting into podcasts check out Here’s where it gets interesting with @sharonsaysso – her recent series on how women won WWII was particularly good. For something I bit snarkier and definitely less educational, I loved Binge Mode Harry Potter.

    1. Thanks for the recommendations!

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