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Hello friends!

I’ve been under the weather this week, but the Covid tests continue to insist that I’m negative, so who knows? In any case, today’s post is shorter than usual as a result. I’m really tired of coughing.

Liesls windowpane plaid Classic Shirt

Today I’m wearing another favorite Classic Shirt, this one in a windowpane check with cuffs and button placket cut on the bias. And that got me thinking more about button-up shirts, which I seem to do a lot lately, so here we go. Again.

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I love the versatility of a button-up shirt. It looks great with jeans, trousers, skirts, almost anything. Lengthen it a bit and it becomes a tunic to wear untucked, maybe over leggings. In the summer it can be a great swimsuit coverup. It’s just a versatile, classic piece, as demonstrated by these two photos I love.

Liesl's March 4 pinterest picks
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I love the back details in the photo below, left. What looks (I presume) like a classic shirt from the front has interesting blouse-like details in the back. You could use the vent from our Extra-Sharp Pencil Skirt to create the vent like the one in this photo. And if there’s anything I like as much or more than a Classic Shirt it’s the princess-seamed Recital Shirt, since the tuxedo pleats really elevate a shirt and make it that much more fun to dress down. (They’re also a great excuse to not iron, since the antidote to those perfect pleats is to wear them all rumbled and imperfect like you picked it up off the floor when you got dressed this morning.)

Liesl's March 4 pinterest picks
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And let’s not forget about the details! Maybe you’d like to try a little point at the center back of your collar, or this stunning mitered collar! All small elements that can make a huge difference and can be lots of fun to add to your sewing.

Liesl's March 4 pinterest picks
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Weekend Reading

  • Since our hearts and minds are with Ukraine right now, these stunning headdresses are especially poignant and meaningful.
  • The Olympics may be over but I’m still admiring the beautiful work of Karen Chen and her mother, who makes all her skating costumes! How wonderful that her daughter appreciates them so much.
  • I’ve mentioned this before, but the Martin Margiela years at Hermes really influenced me when I was starting to think about fashion design as a career. I still find so much inspiration in those timeless designs.
  • How important is it to you that the fashions in a costume drama are accurate?

What are you sewing this weekend? I’m starting to work on fall ideas, so I’ll be sewing up a few possible options and finishing a few projects I’ve been making for myself, hopefully to show you soon. Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you back here next week!




  1. Barb

    That mitred collar is mind blowing!!

    1. Isn’t it?

  2. Becky

    Thanks so much for your blog, especially when you are feeling poorly. The blog is always so inspiring. Get well soon.

    1. Thanks for saying so!

  3. I hope you feel better soon. Thank you for the inspiration. Your links about fashion and sewing are the best and I look forward to these posts more than any other blogs.

    1. That’s so nice to hear–thank you!

  4. Kathy Eastwood

    Hope you feel better soon!!

    1. Thanks! I’m on the mend.

  5. Deborah Hunt

    Liesel, I’m concerned about your Thyroid. It could be just a shadow in the pic, but it looks a bit big. I’m a retired R.N. and have seen it before. You might want to just check with your Doctor to be safe. Thanks for all your lovely patterns.

    1. Thanks for your concern! I think it’s just the photo. Everything is normal, but I’ll ask the doctor when I see him on Wednesday. Thanks again!

  6. I’m just finishing up my first classic shirt, and I already know that I’m going to love it. Is there any chance that you might put out a lined shirt pattern? I really need to make myself some flannel shirts lined with fleece, as I wear them for much of the year, but they are pricey to buy. I’m hoping I can figure out how to do it, using the classic shirt pattern, but I’d sure love a pattern instead. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. It should be quite easy to line the Classic Shirt! You’ll want to cut the front and back in your lining fabric and baste them together before you begin assembling the shirt. Beyond that it’s simply a matter of treating them as one fabric and trimming the excess lining from your seams to keep it from getting too bulky. I’d love to see how it turns out!

      1. Thank you for your reply. That really helps. And thank you for your patterns and blog. They have helped me so much!

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