sew + tell: mindy’s unicorn ice cream dress

Mindy used a quilt block pattern to make this sweet baby Ice Cream Dress. In today’s Sew + Tell, she walks us through how she did it.

Name: Mindy Sebastian
Country: Canada
Where can we find you on the Internet: Instagram

Project details

Pattern used: Oliver+S Ice Cream Dress and Kelli Fannin’s Unicorn block

Learn how Mindy used a quilt block in this sweet baby dress.

Fabric used: Quilting cotton.

Did the fabric work well? Yes. The fabric is sturdy enough that the bulk of the quilt block doesn’t cause the dress to droop.

How did the sewing go? Adding a quilt block to the middle of a dress pattern was a bit intimidating, but I was determined to make it happen for my daughter’s first birthday dress.

After sewing the unicorn block, I basted a piece of fabric to the back of it, and then pieced the dress fabric around the block. This created a large piece of fabric, from which I cut out the front panel as written in the pattern.

Learn how Mindy used a quilt block in this sweet baby dress.

There were a few extra seams to finish on the inside, but otherwise I made the dress exactly the same. I did lose 1/4″ on the bottom of the block, since O+S seams are wider than traditional quilting seams. I made a pieced strip of the same rainbow of fabrics for the hemline to finish it off, taking advantage of the double-hem in the pattern to hide the seams.

What was the best part? Seeing the little sparkly unicorn as I sewed. It was so much fun to combine my love of quilting with making clothes for my daughters.


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  1. Barb

    Oh my gosh, the model and the dress are so so cute! I love this idea and it turned out perfectly.

  2. Elisabeth

    This is ADORABLE!!!

  3. Anna Mae Fipke

    Beautiful! And the dress is adorable too!

  4. Susan Terrill

    Oh my goodness. What a beautiful one year old in such a unique heirloom dress which will be treasured forever.

  5. Lisa

    What a cutie! And your dress is lovely. I really dig the pixellated look, and now am thinking about making my daughter a quilted Minecraft-inspired dress.

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