noord t-shirt and sweatshirt tester round-up

The brand-new Noord T-Shirt and Sweatshirt is sure to be a cool-weather staple. We know how helpful it is to see different examples of a pattern on various body shapes, so we’ve put together this tester photo round-up for you.

Thanks to our hardworking tester’s choices, you’ll be able to see what the Noord looks like when you take full advantage of the color-blocking options. Some testers made up the pattern in solid and tonal versions as well. So without further ado, let’s have a look.

Erica’s Noord:

DIY seamed sweatshirt sewing pattern.

Kiran’s Noord:

DIY seamed sweatshirt sewing pattern.

Beth’s (left), Katy’s (center) and Jeanne’s (left) Noords.

DIY seamed sweatshirt sewing pattern.

Two sets of mother-daughter Noords from Melani and Johanna:

DIY seamed sweatshirt sewing pattern.

The Noord’s seam lines offer endless ways to customize it. It’s now available in both print and digital formats. How will you sew your Noord T-Shirt and Sweatshirt? Don’t forget to tag #lieslandco and #noordsweatshirt when you do!




  1. I was initially skeptical of this pattern because it looks quite complicated for a simple t-shirt/sweatshirt, but after seeing these tester versions, I’m beginning to think it might work well as a nursing layer. It seems like putting an invisible zipper in each of the diagonal seamlines on the front would give nursing access in the right place.

    As it gets cold here in the midwest, I’m wishing I had a heavy sweater or sweatshirt that looks great, is easy to wear, and that my infant will tolerate while nursing. I’d love to see a tutorial or photos if someone else has made a nursing version, or I might try it out myself after I’m done with my holiday gift sewing!

    1. That’s an excellent idea, and I’d love to see it if you make it! I hadn’t considered that angle, but the seams are conveniently positioned!

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