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Hello friends!

How are you holding up these days? I’m already looking forward to starting fresh in 2021! What a year it’s been. Last year I made Thanksgiving dinner for 18+ people. This year we don’t have any plans, although S has requested sushi. And of course we have no plans for gathering with friends or family for Christmas or New Year’s Eve either. Madrid is clearly keeping Christmas celebrations low-key as well. I’ve been watching the decorations go up, but it all feels very melancholy. Whatever you do, do it safely, will you?

Madrid images 11-13-2020


I’m kind of obsessed with the Instagram account @thedrapersdaughter and their beautiful selection of fabrics. Like these new cotton linen Nani Iro prints.

fabric from @thedrapersdaughter

Weekend Reading

  • I don’t know about you, but I miss museums. (I’ve been twice since the pandemic started, so I shouldn’t complain too much because that’s probably more than a lot of people.) This interactive tour of the costumes from “The Queen” is so well done it almost makes up for the inability to travel!
  • I am, however, quite desperate to see the Alaia-Balenciaga exhibit!
  • Not to mention the latest exhibit at the Balenciaga Museum. (This one I may actually be able to see, depending on what happens in the next few months…)
  • Speaking of Netflix, I haven’t seen Queen’s Gambit yet but this article about the costumes is quite interesting!
  • This beautifully written piece about a mother’s death during Covid is very touching and sweet.
  • Speaking of costume making, can you imagine the stress levels of the seamstresses in re-creating Kamala’s jacket for SNL in just over an hour? Eek!
  • This short history of sending children via the U.S. Mail is amusing, but don’t go getting any ideas…
  • I’m still not entirely sure how this is done, even after watching the video, but what an amazing craft and tradition in this tin embroidery in a small Chinese village. (I can’t remember who sent me this! A big thank you if it was you.)
  • This clip made me laugh repeatedly all week. (You’ll need some basic Spanish to understand it, however.)

We have a special treat for you next week, so stay tuned. But in the meantime, I hope you have a terrific weekend.



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