sewing small talk: are you celebrating halloween this year?

It’s been a while since our most recent Sewing Small Talk.

Today’s question is, are you celebrating Halloween this year? And if so, how are you celebrating it?

What are you doing for Halloween this year?With the pandemic, it’s certainly not going to be an ordinary Halloween. Did you sew costumes this year? And will your children be trick-or-treating, or are you celebrating at home?




  1. Enbee

    No trick-or-treating, but we’ll walk around the neighborhood, eat candy, and do a scary movie night. Older kid is in a remote-learning pod, and they’re all in costumes today, younger kid’s daycare always does “storybook character day” in thinly-veiled permission to wear your costume. I maintained my Halloween tradition of last minute sewing, and O+S patterns once again featured heavily!

  2. Lynn Cosgrove

    No – we are not trick or treating or celebrating at home

  3. We are doing a Halloween meet-up in our drive with a few neightbourhood families. We’ll have S’mores, mulled wine and cocoa and candy bags on a string. Contactless with masks, but at least the kids still get to have a little fun. My son really wants to be a pirate and since he already has that costume, no last minute sewing required this year! 🙂

  4. Erica

    I just led three 5th grade classes through a virtual escape-room-in-a-box (werewolf edition). They were on mute for most of the time, so I felt like I was just talking to myself. It was nice to see that the kids were still in costume, albeit with additional masks on. I was up late last night self-drafting costume bits and sewing matching masks, too. Many homes on my street have agreed to leave out candy spaced apart on tables/chairs on the sidewalk for 30 minutes tomorrow, and everyone is asked to stand at their front door if they choose to participate. It is quite a difference from usual years. We’re usually flooded with visitors for several hours that I have to prepare buckets of candy to make it through the evening.

  5. Jennifer H

    We are doing a small group neighborhood parade and trunk or treat with masks, gloves, etc. No door to door trick or treating. I made my daughter and two friends costume with another mom this year. It’s more DIY craft than sewing this year.

  6. Lisa

    We’ve decorated windows and gardens in our village and there is a letter hunt to find a phrase. Parents have a map, I made our route miss some out each time so we spread it over 3 days. They are still working out the anagram and I’m dropping huge hints.
    My Halloween sewing consisted of two big black circles on an old sheet which is now suspended in a tree with a sign saying BOO!
    Parents are encouraged to take their own sweets round tomorrow dusk time, maintain distances and hand them to their own children when they spot a pumpkin etc.

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