S’s saint-germain wrap skirt

On a whim, S and I decided to try making just the skirt from the Saint-Germain Wrap Dress. We used railroad denim from Robert Kaufman, and simply eliminated the bodice from the pattern.

It was extremely easy to sew, and if you want, you can use some of the techniques from the SoHo Shorts + Skirt pattern to stabilize the waistband.

just the skirt from the Saint Germain Wrap Dress

Would you believe S is my height now? We’re starting to share clothing, but she’s still much thinner than I am, so we can’t share this skirt.

I love how she styled it with her sneakers and a linen tee. She knows her style.

Obviously you could dress this up a lot more as well, and I would imagine the skirt would be especially pretty in a sheer, floaty floral, although that’s not really a style that either of us gravitates toward.

just the skirt from the Saint Germain Wrap Dress

just the skirt from the Saint Germain Wrap Dress

just the skirt from the Saint Germain Wrap Dress

just the skirt from the Saint Germain Wrap Dress

Isn’t she cute? I just love her, obviously.

Anyway, we thought we would share this idea, since it will give you extra mileage for your pattern. You can pick up your own copy of the Saint-Germain Wrap Dress right here. Be sure to use the #lieslandco and #saintgermaindress tags you sew one! We’d love to see how it turns out.




  1. Maryam

    I agree, she looks really cute 🙂
    Love her smile.

  2. Elisabeth

    I love the skirt, and how cute is S?!?!

  3. Paula

    I never thought of just using the skirt part. It will make a good fall/winter skirt, I just need to hunt my stash. I can’t believe S has grown so much, she looks adorable.

  4. Lisa

    Your daughter is lovely! And I really am crazy about her haircut! and of course skirt looks great too, but the smile is everything 🙂

  5. Rebecca

    S has learned her style from a great teacher and mother.

  6. Erin

    What a glorious photo session! S is really growing up and into herself and she just looks bright as a button. The skirt is charming and classic, and S looks delighted and delightful. Y’all take care.

  7. Kristine

    She is soooo cute. Her smile reaches to her eyes. And the skirt is awesome.

  8. Susan Terrill

    I love how S is wearing her lovely hair in that photo had those buttons just make the skirt stand out. What a perfect detail. S certainly has her own style! She has grown before my eyes.

  9. Cindy Cooksey

    S is adorable! And the skirt looks really cute on her. It reminds me how I used to have to wear gray skirts when I was in high school. None were as cute as this one.

  10. Barbara Vest

    I love this skirt, it has a victorian era feel, at least to me, yet in a very contemporary way. And your daughter is a knockout in it! Lovely.

  11. Lyn

    I love this skirt and went off and bought the pattern to make one in a light navy linen/cotton, thank you for the inspiration. I love the dress but I’m wary of wraps due to the low neck, I’m a smaller size and ‘older’.

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