introducing lisette for butterick B6760

Hello friends!

Today I’d like to introduce my first collaborative pattern with S, who has become quite opinionated about fashion and style. Last summer in New York, we were doing a little shopping and she fell in love with a little dress similar to this. It was pricier than something I would usually buy for a 14-year-old, but I could see why she liked the style so much. So we’ve adapted it a bit, added an option for shorts, and we’re both quite pleased with how it turned out! Now it feels like a style that could be worn by S and her friends, but that I I would also feel very comfortable wearing.

Lisette for Butterick B6760

This style is a different take on the wrap dress or romper because the wrap happens in the back and ties in the front! This gives you more security, and of course it’s adjustable because of the ties. Plus, pockets!

Lisette for Butterick B6760

Lisette for Butterick B6760

Lisette for Butterick B6760

Lisette for Butterick B6760

Both views have a fully-lined bodice with princess seams to help you get a good fit, as well as a center-back zipper on the skirt and shorts to make it easy to get in and out. (And did I mention the pockets?) I’ll probably shorten the skirt and/or shorts a bit for S, but they’re both a good length for me and for anyone else who prefers to show a little less leg.

Lisette for Butterick B6760

In terms of fabrics, I prefer something with a little weight and drape for this style, like crepe or a heavier rayon. But you can also use linen, cotton and cotton blends. And I’d definitely use a cotton lining for this one. Anything else just sounds too hot to me, but obviously it depends on where you’ll be wearing this. I think both styles could easily be layered with a jacket for a business environment, too.

Here are some styling ideas for you. The neutral colors are pretty, but I especially love the wax print fabric! There are so many prints to choose front. And yes, of course you can add length to the shorts if you’re interested in a cropped style like in the photos below!

styling ideas for Lisette for Butterick B6760

By the way, what do you think of the new Butterick envelopes and styling? I like that each brand has a much clearer identity now, and I appreciate that we have more photos. But I must admit that I miss the old packaging because it was so easy to identify our styles in the pattern drawers at JoAnn.

I hope you have fun with this style, and I can’t wait to see what you do with it! You can pick up your copy of Lisette for Butterick B6760 right here (and everywhere else Butterick patterns are sold.) Don’t forget to tag us #sewlisette, #B6760 and #butterick so we can see what you make and how you wear it!


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  1. JEB O'Barr

    I really love this pattern and can’t wait to try it.

    1. I’m so glad!

  2. Liz

    I love that you designed this with your daughter!

  3. Jenny

    Oh, I remember talking with you about that dress she saw. You are the absolute coolest that you could create this for her. I hope she’ll permit a mother-daughter blog photo!

  4. Heidi

    Love the shorts version!
    It would be great to have a post on fitting. In particular checking the whole torso length all the way to the crotch for the romper verion. I know I will need to lengthen it quite significantly and prefer to do it as flat pattern adjustments 🙂

    1. Cat

      I second this. I have to lengthen things (or add height if they’re pants) because I’m so long-torsoed and then I end up with a baggy crotch fit. I love jumpsuits but I’m hesitant to make them because of this fitting issue.

  5. Emily

    Drove an hour and a half to a small town yesterday to buy a vintage Necchi Sewing machine. Thrilled to see that JoAnn was open in that town and had this pattern on sale! Drove down the street to a fabric store (gasp) and got some lovely crepe in a summery teal. My youngest daughter is turning 14 next month and this is just the right amount of sophistication for her. Only problem is we can’t decide whether this will be the shorts version or the cropped pants version…

  6. Alison A.

    Wow, this is an absolute stunner. I could see this making a wonderful little black dress (or little black romper). Not sure my sewing and fitting skills are quite ready for this pattern, but it’s definitely something for me to work towards.

  7. Abigail Madden

    Just finished my jumpsuit/romper of this pattern. I chose to sew it in a 12oz jersey fabric which allowed me to skip installing a zipper (shhhh don’t let the patterns gods know i did that).
    I’m so happy with the final results and so happy to have a romper that actually fits!

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