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Hello friends!

I dragged my feet when it came to writing today’s post. S and I were supposed to be on spring vacation in Nice this week, and when it was announced last night that we’ll be in lock-down for at least another month I went into a little funk/panic and wasn’t in much of a mood for writing anything. It feels like we’re all taking turns freaking out and calming each other right now, doesn’t it?

When I told some friends that I felt bad about feeling sad and angry at the way this virus is changing our plans they reminded me that those are perfectly valid feelings to be having right now. Obviously it’s a serious and stressful time, and we’re worried about the health of the people around us and the many people who are working so hard and endangering their own health to keep us safe. But it’s still OK to feel upset about how this is affecting our own lives and plans. I’m sure you’re missing something you had planned, too. I’m sorry. It stinks. I hope you’ll allow yourself to feel those feelings! And then hopefully we can take turns helping each other through them.

This afternoon S and I made ourselves a little pot of orange marmalade from the orange tree on our balcony, and it helped me to feel a little bit better. Well enough to write this post and add a few links, anyway. Maybe the links will help you to feel better? Sorry I can’t send you some marmalade. (And a big thank you to Erica for talking me through the recipe!)

Pinterest Picks

These photos reminded me of a Gallery Tunic and our Saint Germain Wrap Dress. The color of the tunic and the print on the dress are lovely, aren’t they?

Liesl's April 10 pinterest picks
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Spring/Easter colors.

Liesl's April 10 pinterest picks
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These two adorable dresses would be fun to make, and you could use our Building Block Dress book to sew both of them!

Liesl's April 10 pinterest picks
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Spain hasn’t run out of toilet paper, but apparently sales of alcohol, chocolate, and flour are way up. I think S and I are personally responsible for the chocolate and flour shortage. We’ve been cooking up a storm! S made an astonishing tart tatin the other day (her first pie crust!), and we made lasagna with a bechamel sauce instead of ricotta or cottage cheese (both not readily available here) last night. I’m going to be much heavier by the time this lock-down is over! What have you been cooking and baking?

Liesl's April 10 pinterest picks
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Weekend Reading

We’ve got one more new spring pattern for you next week! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the first two: the Montauk Trousers and the Belgravia Knit Dress. Have a good weekend, and stay safe!




  1. JEB O'Barr

    Thank you so much for writing your weekend links post. I look forward to it even when times are good. Now it gives me a small glimmer of normalcy and cheered me up.

    1. Thanks, Nicole! xo

  2. Frances

    I really enjoyed the needlework-vindication piece–thanks. And here’s one you might like on ‘beetling’ (I had to look that one up). https://www.vogue.com/article/at-alexander-mcqueen-sarah-burton-celebrates-the-importance-of-a-little-known-craft

    1. Frances, that is AMAZING! I’ve never seen or heard of the process, and I’ll be sure to include it in the next weekend links. Would love to see that fabric in person! Thanks for sending.

  3. Addie

    Thanks for seeing this Friday post through Liesl, cancelled vacation and all. I always look forward to it. It is absolutely an ecer changing wave we are all riding these days. I appreciated the NYT article. I am taking this holiday very low key and focusing on connecting with family individually. I also enjoyed the story about the couple dressing up in period costumes: such a positive creative response to this situation. I have been feeding a sourdough starter and baking some new things from it. It’s somewhat of a challenge and occupies my mind in a constructive way, which alleviates my stress. So far I have steered relatively clear of the dessert category but I imagine I will get there eventually. Hopefully I will be able to focus on some sewing soon.

    1. Addie, sourdough is a street I have yet to go down, but it certainly is intriguing! Thanks for the sweet message.

  4. Erica

    Yay! I love seeing your beautiful jar of marmalade! That made my day. Thank you for continuing to share with us. This online community inspires us in the best of times, and I feel it is nourishing sustenance in these times. Happy Easter! xo

    1. You’re an angel, Erica. Thanks for being so lovely.

  5. Holly

    Look up Nushu a secret woman’s language of Hunan. Talk about feminism in textiles…

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