sewing small talk: sewing goals

Hello friends!

A very happy 2020 to you! And since it’s a new year, this week’s topic is all about your plans for the year. Is there anything you are especially interested in accomplishing with your sewing in 2020?

What are your sewing goals for 2020?

My goals are mostly to find time to sew some of the items on my list. I have a small stash of fabrics purchased specifically for items I’d like to sew for myself (most of my fabric stash is dedicated to pattern development and work-related projects), and I’d like to find more time to sew them. I’d also like to do more sewing for S. I suspect quite a few of you will also mention a desire to find more time to sew, yes?

Are there any specific sewing skills you would like to tackle this year? Challenges you’d like to set for yourself? Tell us about them in the comments!




  1. JEB O'Barr

    I would like to finally make a pair of jeans.

  2. Enbee

    I’d like to sew more for myself. I’m increasingly dissatisfied with the fit and appearance of clothing I buy in stores, and I HATE shopping for clothing. At least if I sew it myself and I don’t like how it fits, I’ll have gotten to spend time sewing instead of in changing rooms!

  3. Lisa

    Accomplish a long standing goal of sewing myself a custom fitted blazer.

    1. Ava

      This is one of my goals. What blazer pattern are you thinking

    2. Erin

      Last year I made myself a tailored jacket. The book: Tailoring: The Classic Guide to Sewing the Perfect Jacket was an absolute godsend. Good luck!

  4. Rebecca

    Learn to sew stretchy knits. Purchased an inexpensive serger to help me. Love sewing woven fabric but it’s time to learn new methods.

  5. Wen D

    I would like to learn to make clothes.

  6. Julia

    I’m in a sewing class, it started today. My goal is to pass the class haha.

  7. Joy

    I love to design and make one of a kind quilts. Over the past year, I’m retired, I have designed and quilted 7 quilts. I have so much fabric because that is what people give me instead of things I don’t need. I think I need to do something different this year, but I am a quilting addict …how do I take a break????

  8. Holly

    I want to dye my own border print.
    I want to make a kantha coat. I have a bunch of sari silk to so it with.
    I want a raincoat. But I hate synthetic fibers. So thinking boiled wool.
    I want to draft a split hem apron for my husband.
    I want to make a dent in my hundred pieces of fabric.
    And finally. I want to get the fit right on my breezy shirt and classic shirt.
    Is that enough.

  9. Helena

    I’ve drawn myself two outfits I’d like to wear. I’d like to make them both. I’ve already made one skirt, now to do the rest! Like Holly I’d also like to make myself a shirt that fits just right.

  10. Lynn

    My first set of goals includes canvas work for our boat (industrial machine) Last year I did the Bimini and sail cover. This winter the dodger is my spicy project. Then wheel and hatch covers. An organizer with pockets for cell phones that people bring on the boat. Would love to make some wristlets with plastic panel so you can see your cell phone.
    On the home sewing machine: tea towels, an Oliver + s dress for granddaughter.
    I have stashed for both machines. It’s crazy.

  11. I want to sew jeans for my husband, try tailoring again (I tailored a waistcoat at the end of last year and it was so fun!), sew down my stash, sew some vintage patterns in my stash, keep sewing for myself!

  12. Kay

    You asked a while back for questions on construction, I’m a little slow but do you have a suggestion as to how to stop a waist of a knit wrap dress from stretching when you tie the ties? I’ve tried stitching elastic into the seam then replaced it with stay tape. Maybe have to try the button method you have on your new wrap pattern‍♀️

  13. Lore

    I am going to keep going in my self taught world with your patterns and others. I am living it, I have completed a few shorts and t shirts for the family. I am planning to make some tops for me woven and stretch, a dress, jeans and a jacket for next winter and thinking about buying an overlocker. Anyone good tips to choose a serger? What should I look and what to expect to do with it??

    1. Marla Sandridge

      It depends on what fabrics you want to serge on and how much money you want to spend. I have two sergers, one is a very old 4 thread White534 probably 30 y.o. and the other is a 5 thread Husquvarna Viking 1003LCD which is also over 20 years old. I still love both my machines and they work like brand new. If I were to exchange one, I would trade the Viking in and get a new Babylock self-threading machine. I still make bathing suits and would like to make exercise wear and would like to make sweater jackets etc. I would suggest that whatever you get get a self-threading machine, I hate rethreading my machines so, I cheat. I cut the thread I want to replace up at the spool, I put the new spools of thread on, tie the new thread to the old, turn all the tensions to zero and pull the threads clear to the needles, cut the knots off, pull the new threads longer, thread the needles, set my tension and begin sewing! The new machines can even automatically set the tension for you! Do not skimp when buying a serger as you will end up hating it. My girlfriend was given her mothers and it was a nice machine, but older than either of mine and I was getting constant calls from her to come and help her fix it, she finally sold it to someone that had previously owned one. To this day I can’t talk her into buying one!

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