liesl’s lisette B6661 sundress

Hello friends!

What are you sewing for summer? I wanted to show you the Lisette for Butterick B6661 pattern made up in a different fabric than what’s featured on the pattern cover. So I chose this salmon-y orange linen from my stash. I barely had enough, so I had to get a little creative with the skirt layout, especially since I wanted it to be long.

Lisette for Butterick B6661

I’ll tell you what: if you don’t have to cut the bodice on the bias, don’t. It really is more challenging to work with when it’s cut on bias, and it would be much easier to turn the grainlines 45 degrees so you can cut them on the straight grain. My linen is very lightweight and quite open in its weave, and the stretch of the bias meant that I needed to take it in quite a bit when I fitted it. So if you’re going to work with the bias, choose a stripe and make it worth your while!

Beyond that, the dress is fun to sew. Because of my limited fabric, I cut the skirt on the cross grain, which means the linen doesn’t hang as nicely as it would have on the warp, but I think it will relax over time (and with a little heat and humidity). Also, you’ll be so happy that the construction for this style allows you to adjust the straps at the very last minute, just before sewing them at the shoulder. That way you can make sure they’re exactly the right length for you. I adjusted mine a bit and am happy I did.

Lisette for Butterick B6661

Lisette for Butterick B6661

Have you tried this pattern yet? You can pick up a copy for yourself right here: Lisette for Butterick B6661. And if you make it show us how it turns out, OK? Tag it #B6661 and #sewlisette so we can find it.

I’ll be wearing this dress a lot this summer! In fact, I’m off to find my biggest sunhat and a book.




  1. manecoarse

    Wow. Your dress is gorgeous. I really love the straps and especially the way the straps look from the front at the shoulder area. You did a fantastic job, and I hope you find the perfect hat to wear with your dress.

  2. camelia de bruin

    Gorgeous! Love love the back detail!

  3. Marlene Maclaren

    Lovely dress, Liesl – the colour is perfect for you and the fit is perfect, too.

  4. Erica

    I really love this style. The front is simple and elegant, and the back is just show-stopper! I’m adding it to my queue….

  5. Deb Cox

    That is absolutely gorgeous. I love the dress you have created, your hair and the shoes. All perfect and I am envious…………….thank you sharing and letting me go, ahhhhh…………….(-:

  6. Stunning! I recently learned that if you choose to cut something on the bias purely for the look of the print, then cut the lining on the straight of grain so that it keeps the front from stretching out. This trick may work for anyone choosing a bias direction.

  7. Jill Janssen

    Are you able to wear a bra under this without it showing? Wondering if this style is an option for me, but I can’t go without a bra anymore

    1. Jill Janssen

      I just reread your introduction on this pattern. I now see it has a shelf bra so never mind!

  8. Shelly

    You’re dress is so beautiful!! Would you recommend cotton lawn, or should the fabric be heavier weight?

  9. Really lovely Liesl. When I’m done hibernating I’ll be all over this pattern!

  10. So classic and elegant! The back design is really stunning – I’m considering making a lengthened one like this in black. Would we not need to make changes to the pattern pieces to cut on the straight-of-grain?? The pattern/adjustment books always say that bias pieces have the stretch factored in and you can’t just cut them straight. And it would put the diagonal edges of the side panels on the bias, right? So would you recommend reinforcing those somehow? I guess a toile would be the way to go…

  11. Rebecca

    I have loved this dress since the pattern was released, but I don’t like gathers at all. (I think they make me look frumpy, regardless of how great they look on others!) Could the skirt be hacked to be cut as a semi-circle? Especially if not using a geometric pattern? I love, love, love the back detail, and would hate to make it and be disappointed about the gathers!

    1. Sure, you could use pretty much any skirt pattern, really.

      1. Rebecca

        Thank you! Selfish sewing time this weekend . . .

  12. Jessica

    This is gorgeous! I’m glad that I finally stumbled upon it, and am running out to go scoop up some periwinkle linen.

    Do you have any suggestions for the shelf bra material?

    I’m a fairly busty mother of two, so that feature is critical! Thank you for including it.

    1. It’s probably a good idea to use a skin-colored fabric or something that matches your dress fabric, but mostly I would think about what fabrics will be comfortable to wear next to the skin. If your fabric isn’t too scratchy or thick, use self fabric for the bra!

      1. Jessica

        Thank you!

  13. Nancy Pultorak

    Love this pattern! Making it in a crepe, possibly With a chiffon overlay on the skirt for a semi-formal dress, would you recommend adding width to the skirt? Also, because of small chest would it be possible to see a soft cup into the bra?

    1. You could add a little flare to the skirt if you want, but I wouldn’t add more fullness at the waist, personally. It sounds like it will be pretty! I hope you’ll show us when it’s finished.

      1. Nancy

        Thanks Liesl, what about a sewn in bra cup?

    2. Yes, of course to the cups sewn in. I’m wearing a top like that today, although if she’s small busted she may not need them (like I don’t…)

  14. Nancy

    Finally got to the fabric store and my daughter chose a beautiful silk taffeta. I think I need to line the skirt, but she really wants the pockets. Is this possible?

    1. Of course! The lining doesn’t have pockets and gets attached to the skirt after the pockets are sewn, no problem. Gather after the two layers are attached. Have fun!

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