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Hello friends!

How is spring treating you so far? I feel like I’m so bogged down in sewing I hardly know what I’m doing anymore! I’m finishing the samples for a project we’ll be announcing soon, and I’d also like to finish up a couple of items I wanted to make for myself. But then S and I went shopping–she needs summer clothes–and she fell in love with a simple little dress that I just couldn’t justify purchasing. I don’t love it, but she never wears dresses and adores this one. It fit her badly because she’s so thin, and she also really needs a one-piece swimsuit, so now I’m asking myself whether there is any way I can manage to sew her a dress and a swimsuit and still get to work on the fall patterns in good timing. And if I sew the dress will she wear it? (The answer is that I can’t but I might anyway….) How long is your sewing queue? I’m sure I’m not the only one with these dilemmas.

In any case, May is a time for lots of celebrations here in Spain. Last week and this we celebrated the San Isidro fiesta (he is the patron saint of Madrid), and there was (another) procession on our street. The kids carried this one and it was fun to see! Luna was a bit alarmed at all the noise, as you may note below.

San Il Defonso processional

Pinterest Picks

I adore these sweet little dresses, both of which could be made with our Building Block Dress book. Sometimes I wish I had someone little to sew for again. (And then I remember my sewing queue….)

Liesl's May 17 Pinterest picks
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Total double-take to see Victoria Beckham wearing a cat print! It’s cute, isn’t it? And her white blouse reminds me of our Afternoon Tea Blouse.

Liesl's May 17 Pinterest picks
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Beautiful sleeve cuff details to inspire you.

Liesl's May 17 Pinterest picks
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And how about peplum tops for spring?

Liesl's May 17 Pinterest picks
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Weekend Reading

We’ll be back next week with lots of fun sewing projects to inspire you. What are you working on? Have a wonderful weekend, hopefully without too many sewing projects in your queue!




  1. Thank you for sharing the Vogue article about saris – fascinating, exciting, and so recognisable to me (especially the bit about her first time wearing a sari – my first and only-so-far time was aged 20, to my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary at the special request of my grandfather, and just like the writer’s it was a pale blue cotton one!). It makes me think that perhaps I don’t need to view all of my grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s saris just as fabric to sew with… Those draping videos are an amazing resource, too.

    1. What I wouldn’t give to wear a sari someday, Nina! Embrace that culture!

  2. Cindy Cooksey

    You asked how long our sewing queues were. I have an art qullt with a deadline in mid-June, so that comes first. Then I have a couple blouses I’d like to sew, and pants too, for summer. I also would like to do some grandma sewing.

    1. That sounds like a reasonable queue!

  3. Jennifer

    Completely off the subject, but my eye couldn’t help but catch the lettering on S’s tee. I went to the big rival school! 😉 Back on the subject, I have such a list of things to make for my girls! Since we are making the long drive to Michigan from the Bay Area this summer (instead of flying so the dogs can join us on Lake Michigan) I might take the opportunity to bring along my serger. With my mom’s sewing machine already there, I’ll finish up first day of school outfits in no time, and not be scrambling in August when we return!

    1. Jennifer, sadly that will probably be our last T-shirt because I just can’t bring myself one that says University instead of College! And isn’t summer sewing the best? Wow, would I like to bring my machine on vacation!

      1. Jennifer

        Wow! That’s right, I forgot the change was coming. Indeed a little sad. I wonder if the other colleges in the area will follow suit. Yes, I feel spoiled to be headed off to sew while my girls and dogs play in the sand…in preparation I just spent the afternoon at Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley. Funny enough, one of the ladies that works there was wearing an Albion sweatshirt! Such a small world sometimes. Enjoy your summer, Liesl. 🙂

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