sewing small talk: what’s your favorite fabric to sew?

Hello friends!

Woodland Clearing fabric

I’ve been working with lots of different fabrics lately: cotton shirting, wool suiting, double gauze, crinkle gauze, poly and rayon crepe, etc. And it got me thinking: which are your favorite fabrics to sew? What makes them your favorites? And while we’re at it, which are your least favorites?




  1. Mary Inchauste

    I prefer all natural fiber fabrics if I can find them, such as linen, cotton, wool. Not skilled at knits and don’t usually buy rayon or other synthetics.

  2. I love sewing on Swiss flannel for baby sleep gowns and Swiss voile for fancy children’s clothes.

  3. elin c pittman

    Cotton, linen, natural fabric. Most recently linen gauze. Much easier than cotton gauze.

  4. Annalisa M

    I love working with cotton sateen it’s so stable with a little stretch for comfort. I’ve also just done an overlocker course and are getting more confident with knits – ponte has been one of my favorites.

  5. Barbara Kugler

    I like cotton wovens if they are very good quality. Art Gallery is my favorite. Linen is another favorite. I use Art Gallery knits , their 95% cotton, 5% spandex is superb for the Chai tee and other tees.

  6. Marion A. Dieleman

    I agree with comment above! Natural fibers are my favorite, I love linens and cottons.

  7. I’ve been sewing a lot of jersey knit tops (adult tops) & dresses (knits work best for toddlers), which I love working with. I’ve got several linen pieces ready to be cut into blitzes for the summer months. I dread working with denim because I tend to break sewing needles easily.

  8. I love them all! 🙂
    But a few never-again, or at least not until the memory fades, fabrics come to mind: fluffy backed quilted laminate that I decided to flat fell the seams on was a nightmare!
    I’m currently sewing a cotton oilskin. It’s super oily and can’t be ironed at all. I’m pressing every seam with my bamboo point turned. A nuisance to sew, but my hands have never been so well moisturised!

  9. Marlene Maclaren

    My all-time fave is Liberty lawn but I do love cottons and linens of all varieties. I’m learning to love knits but it is taking a long time!

  10. Natural fibres in general, but wool most of all, because I love the smell of it when pressing.

  11. J SCOTT

    I have only really sewn with lawn a couple of times – one Gallery tunic and one pair of Lisette PJs – but that was a really lovely fabric to sew, with very rewarding results.

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